Lionel Messi scores twice for Inter Miami in Leagues Cup win vs. FC Dallas


Lionel Messi scored twice while Alan Velasco, Facundo Quignón and Benjamin Cremaschi all scored for their respective teams in Inter Miami’s penalty shootout win vs. FC Dallas in the Leagues Cup.

Messi continues to steal the show for Inter Miami and against FC Dallas, it was no different. It took Messi just six minutes into the match to give Inter Miami the 1-0 lead. It was a goal seen several times in Barcelona as Jordi Alba pulled the ball back to Messi and the Best player in the world would score.

Another Argentine would score as Facundo Quignón would draw FC Dallas level. FC Dallas would take the lead right before half time.

Alan Velasco was arguably the best player on the pitch, scored the third goal for FC Dallas off a free kick. Benjamin Cremaschi was brought on as a substitute for Inter Miami and he would score minutes after being substituted into the match. Cremaschi has previously been called up to the Argentina U20 national team for a training camp.

Robert Taylor would score an own goal and that would make it 4-2 for FC Dallas. Inter Miami were awarded a free kick and a cross sent in by Lionel Messi into the penalty area found Marco Farfan but he would score an own goal.

Inter Miami were awarded a free kick late in the match and it was Lionel Messi who took it. And just like he did in his first Inter Miami match, he would score the free kick. The match would go to penalty kicks.

The Best player in the world would take the first penalty kick and score. Facundo Quignón would score his penalty for FC Dallas but it was Benjamin Cremaschi who scored the last penalty kick for Inter Miami to give them the win.


  1. I wonder when Aviles and Farias will start playing for Miami as well.

    Cremaschi, Farias, Busquets potential connection with Messi in midfield looks interesting.

  2. PSG instead of making Mbappe their Suarez, they made Messi his subordinate. The Alba cutback Leo received yesterday, it never came in PSG. Their whole team wanted to score for themselves and wasted Messi 2 valuable years. Yes, it ended up lighting the fire inside him and we won the world cup but the disrespect shown to him in Paris should never have happened! I am also glad he fcking didn’t go back to another toxic club Barcelona!

    Regarding yesterday’s match, it was entered as hell. Like a movie almost! Messi is enjoying and that means he will score a ton and create another ton. He was involved in all 4 goals yesterday and if theu win their next match which is the quarterfinal, they might get selected for concacaf champions cup! Also the header from the Dallas defender looked suspicious! He just couldn’t let once in a life time opportunity to score off of a Messi’s cross!! 🤣😅🤣

    • Wouldnt say suspicious. Messi had assisted own goal twice in WC. First against South Korea in 2010, and then Bosnia in 2014. Also, what about CR goal against Real Madrid? do you think Barca paid him to do so? lol

      I mean , if you think that is supcisious, then you’d also have to consider Maguire probably paid by Arsenal, Liverpool and City for those own goals and blunder lol

  3. Who knew MLS could be so exciting LOL
    Nothing else needs to be said, Messi doing Messi things.
    For those who critized him playing in MLS, ask yourself this: What would make an ARGENTINA fan happy?

    • I agree. I am myself argentinian, and I was talking to set a brothers from argentina yesterday. One said he wasn’t happy with the move to Miami, the other was more than excited. I don’t get it. Let the man do whatever the heck he wants. What more can he give.

      PSG=toxic, Barca=Toxic. Why not move your family to a place you ALREADY vacation at, and where if you are dumb rich, you live pretty darn well. At 36 he doesn’t need to put his body through the rigors of Europeans leagues. The only shame is that Miami cant help themselves but to cough up the ball. I hope that improves.

      The trifecta of barca players are dragging this team into a championship haha.

    • With Copa America and the next World Cup happening here in North America, Messi’s arrival to MLS makes a lot of sense, notwithstanding Penaldo’s idiotic praise of the Saudi league.

  4. Messi once he enjoys himself, will always give you the best footballing pleasure. However am sad nobody is talking about Alan Velasco. The boy was live wire on the wings and Busquets had a hard time containing him. He nearly gave me a heart attack. I was relieved when FC Dallas coach substituted him. Inter Miami defense was horrendous, disaster class.

  5. River plate’s centre forward Lucas Beltrán is close to move to fiorentina . 22 years of age I never watched him play, anybody know how good he is , he must be good though, if club like fiorentina willing to pay around 25 millions euro to buy him.

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