Lionel Messi scores, wins Leagues Cup with Inter Miami in dramatic fashion


Lionel Messi scored an incredible goal and won the Leagues Cup with Inter Miami.

Messi continues to score highlight reel worthy goals. In Inter Miami’s first ever final in club history, Lionel Messi scored the first goal of the match against Nashville in the final.

With a handful of Nashville players in front of him, the Best player in the world curled the ball and scored to give Inter Miami the 1-0 lead. That brought Lionel Messi to 10 goals in 7 matches.

Nashville would draw level and after that both teams would get chances and for Inter Miami it was a Lionel Messi effort which hit the post. With the final kick of the 90 minutes, the ball fell to Campana who who flicked the goalkeeper but his effort hit the outside of the goal.

The match went to penalty kicks and Lionel Messi scored his, going to the goalkeeper’s left. All 11 players from both teams would take penalty kicks and it was Inter Miami goalkeeper making the save on the last kick which won them the Leagues Cup.

This trophy now brings Lionel Messi to a record 44 career trophies won. No player has won more trophies.


  1. Messi’s shooting seems better than ever. I’m hate the move to MLS but that goal, the 2 free kicks, and a couple others have been top class.

  2. I’m happy to report I had a successful surgery done tonight to remove a hernia and my first comment after I woke up, “I need to pee” and 2nd was “what time is it?” for the game LMAO.
    SO HAPPY for Messi🇦🇷💙🫵💪👏🤏👌🏆🫡

  3. It was very entertaining final. Nashville played with one thing in mind, keep the ball away from Messi and it worked perfectly, Leo had just 2 shots on goal from open play! Inter Miami were horrible today when pushing forward, their players were unable to even get the ball to Messi. Their finishing was even horrible! Messi must have enjoyed today, he finally met a coach with a very good plan against him. With lack of good players in the midfield and wings, keeping Messi away from ball exposed Inter Miami!

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