Argentina U20 player Mateo Tanlongo joins FC Copenhagen on loan from Sporting CP


Argentina U20 player Mateo Tanlongo has joined FC Copenhagen on loan from Sporting CP.

Mateo Tanlongo will be playing in Denmark this season. FC Copenhagen announced on Friday that the 20 year old has joined them on a season long loan deal with a purchase clause in the agreement.

The midfielder was part of the Argentina U20 national team at the U20 World Cup back in May and June of this year. The Argentine, who will wear the number 8 shirt, spoke to their official website. Here is what he had to say:

“I am really happy to be here and will work hard to settle in quickly and help the club.

“It’s a great opportunity for me, and FCK are a respected club with great results both in Denmark and in European tournaments, most recently with the qualification for the Champions League again.

“Now I’m just looking forward to getting out on the training pitch and meeting all my new teammates. I’m also looking forward to experiencing Parken and the fantastic atmosphere there.”

FC Copenhagen’s sporting director Peter Christiansen had this to say:

“We wanted to strengthen the squad further in the No 6 position, and Mateo fits in really well with our recruitment strategy with his great talent and potential.

“He has already tried his hand at a big club like Sporting, and he has the tools to develop into a really skilled player. We must now develop that together.”

The Argentine took part in 14 matches last season.


  1. Also, Tanlongo is nothing of a player. The few times I’ve seen him play has led me to believe he has naked pictures of Mascherano to make the team. Or perhaps Mascherano looks at Tanlongo and says, that fellow has the same offensive football skills I had lol.

  2. Pochettino sucks. He really does. It is absolutely a crying shame this moron gets job after job in the EPL, virtually shits the bed every time, and Gallardo can’t get a job in the EPL. Hopefully this will be the end of Pochettino and he can go coach in Saudi Arabia.

  3. As a fan who has supported Chelsea for over 25 years, I can say Mauricio Pochettinno is a very clueless manager. I don’t get his ideas of playing 5 defenders against small team like Nottingham forest.Enzo Fernandez tried and he was sometimes well positioned but players ignored him. The club has no team work.

    • The difference between Pep and other managers is that Pep knows when a player is special and he makes that player centre of his team no matter how good the other players are!! Everything has to go through that player or goes To that player. Enzo is like mini Messi, he passes the ball, gets into great position to make a fabulous assist or a great goal but his team-mates who are clearly low in futballing IQ either pass it to someone who is surrounded by defenders or Sterling who is nothing but a Mbappe from thrift store. I wish City had bought Enzo, Pep would have turned him into Zidane!!

        • If he fails to win next 3 matches then he will off bro 😂😂, this is not PSG, where he can get away with giving the greatest playmaker of this generation a subordinate right winger role ! He should learn something from Madrid the way they are utilizing Bellingham!

      • Sterling was was very annoying and too selfish. Enzo Fernandez was sometimes well positioned to score or assist but sterling tried aimlessly driving through the defense. There is no team work. This is the 3rd time it’s happened this season alone.

  4. I think we should drop both Loceslo and Dybala completely out of team! Both are extremely unreliable ! If we didn’t have Enzo and MacAllister , we would have failed to win the world cup! Nico is finally getting some fitness back but Loceslo and Dybala are made of glass and needs to be completely out of Scaloni’s plans. Both of them got injured during training! SMH!May be if they are fit around squad announcement for the next world cup and are enjoying great run of form, they can be considered but right now we need to bring in young blood on the bench in their places!

    • Absolutely agreed. Lo Celso has no shame. I was very happy that he was left out of the World Cup squad last year, because I knew he would injured during the tournament anyway. The players that want to see them go to Saudi league are Lo Celso and Almada.

    • as much as i love Dybala, i too am fed up of his injuries. I always thought he would have succeeded Messi as the #10, but i believe we have to look towards Luka Romero, Enzo and in the further future, Claudio Eccheverri.
      But hey, at least Dybala has a World Cup medal.

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  6. Damnit, I freaking hate every single USA soccer commentator, pundit, critic, etc.
    Not only do they not know what they are talking about but they sound stupid being stupid. Some people can act and sound smart although they are stupid. But these guys just have no idea what this sport is about. And what’s sadder is most are x players 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Sadly it is very difficult to find non-stupidity from any establishment pundits or channel. Any ESPN, Argentinian or the british ones that sit around with the green logo on youtube, TYC sports in Argentina, pundits in Europe, etc are all just turning into entertainment channels who have to work for an agenda because money is involved or to create controversy for attention. The good thing is that many independent creators on youtube are providing real information without special interests and you can find tons of tactical analyses and REAL football which you just don’t get on the TV anymore. I often just turn off the sound on the TV and put on my own commentators. It’s really gone downhill and you don’t learn or get anything from it. It’s also getting way too common for some commentators to try to be the center of attention and spend half the time talking about other nonsense when all we just want is for them to say the name of the player that’s touching the ball. No one wants you to give shoutouts to viewers and talk about something that’s not even happening in the game like some transfer saga or non football related thing (at least I hear that with some of the TV I’ve watched). I can go on and on but you know as well as I do.

      • Exactly what Im complaining about.
        They don’t even say the players name who touches the ball half the time. They keep repeating stupid sayings like “are they going to apply pressure and asks questions of this defense”. Alot of question asking

        • 100%
          Watched a couple of Inter Miami matches.
          Even the camera crews are lost. They spend time filming a face for no reason and replay an uninteresting play making them miss the live play.

    • Well for one its Denmark and FC Copenhagen could give him a chance to play in a large club (in Denmark specifically) and get minutes. Both Copenhagen and Midtjylland have given some players to the top five leagues in the past decade so it’s not like Arabia or MLS. Nobody was expecting Tanlongo to be the next incarnation of Redondo anyway. Pretty good chance to get starting minutes in the CL group stage which his original club Sporting isn’t in

  7. “Nottingham Forest is delighted to announce the signing of Bologna captain Nicolás Domínguez”
    I’m delighted to see more Argentine players are joining epl clubs the best league in the world.

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