Nicolas González comments on World Cup qualifiers and Lucas Beltrán


Nicolas González commented on the World Cup qualifiers and Lucas Beltrán being called up to the Argentina national team.

González and Beltrán are now team mates at Fiorentina and González gave an interview on Tuesday where he was asked about Beltran. Here is what he had to say:

“The truth is that it’s all new for him, he’s enjoying it. I congratulated him many times already. Having him with me here is nice, he’s a brother now that he plays with me. He just has to enjoy this because you don’t know when you will be able to wear the shirt again.”

The 25 year old won the Copa America with Argentina but was injured prior to the World Cup. He was asked about how his team mates consider him a World champion:

“I am very grateful to them. From the moment I got injured, they made me feel part of all this and they made me feel part of the celebrations as well. I am very grateful.

“I am a happy guy. Every time I put this shirt I’m happy. What happened is over. After that moment, I put it into my head that I have to enjoy every day much more and even more being here. I am with many friends here and I enjoy it. Now we are really looking forward to Thursday’s match.”

He was also asked about the World Cup qualifying matches:

“It’s going to be two very difficult matches. We know what Ecuador are. We first think of that, we know their level as a national team but we know our capabilities and we have two more days to think about them.

“You always have to turn the page. It’s nice to look at the chest and to see the three stars.”


  1. Dutch and Van-Gaal were very vocal in the media before the match , thinking we will go all out attack against them but Scaloni in absence of Dimaria fielded a completely different team and they got thrown off! Their plan was to sit back and defend and hit us on counters but Scaloni played with 5 defenders to avoid conceding and conceding first and that Messi to Molina goal threw Old Van Gaal out of any ideas on pitch. It was their desperate attack in the end and Dibu letting in a not very difficult header got them back but then Dibu came back with different ideas and stop two consecutive penalties. No team comes back after missing two penalties in a row!
    Both against Netherlands and France we dominated the match, but our nerves played in and we conceded late goals!

    • Dutchy have always been a day late and a dollar short, it’s really unfortunate considering the talent they always brought to the table but one thing is for sure, DRAMA GALORE but the senile buffoon takes the cake.
      All the ARGENTINA/MESSI HATERS AKA Christina LOVERS can blow it out of their asses.
      Rigged! was that Messi pass to Molina rigged, I tell you what was rigged, THE LAWS OF PHYSICS, adding what was it, 10 mins in extra time to allow them MORE TIME to lob pathetic passes into play and HOPE to hit something, or MAYBE ARG Rigged them into Missing their PKs, including their CAPTIAN who called Van Gaal’s comments WRONG.

      Frenchy were outclassed and had NO clue what the Hell hit ’em for almost 79mins, took out their Best players AT HALF TIME because they were ineffective…..Rigged, NM giving them TWO Penalties in a FINAL, allowing them to stay in the game, GOD HELP US IF THESE TWO PKS WEREN’T AWARDED LOL.
      I know, DIBU, rigged Frenchy to Miss their Pks LOL.
      Social Media has given voice to the CLUELESS, DUMB and BATSHIT conspirators ……….stuff like Trump won the elections, Elvis and MJ are still alive, AND FIFA were paid off/or allowed ARG to win for Messi’s sake………just to give few IDIOTIC EXMAPLES.

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