Nicolás González scores for Fiorentina, Matías Soulé for Frosinone in 1-1 draw


Nicolás González scored for Fiorentina and Matías Soulé scored for Frosinone in their 1-1 draw.

In a game which had two goals, both scored by Argentine players, it was Nicolás González who scored first. A cross into the penalty area and Nicolás González with another header as he scored to give Fiorentina the 1-1 lead.

Matías Soulé would draw Frosinone level. Once more it was a cross into the penalty area, this time flicked on and it fell to Soulé who headed it and drew Frosinone level.

González has two goals and one assist this season while this was Soulé’s first goal for his new club.


  1. Soule is a great talent and if he gets called up next month I would’nt be aversed to it. Barranechea (also starting for Frosinone) is another young Argentino who is doing well. For the latter I think it’s abit too early for a call up especially since Argnetina right now is spoiled for choice when it comes to midfielders *knocks on wood* but when it comes to Soule, I think it’s ‘called for’ to call him up especially since the right forward position will be lacking if and when Lio and Maria call it quits.

    • I think he will be called for October qualifier matches deservedly so. I have watched the match yesterday
      He looked really good. Argentina are blessed with so many talents, Scaloni needs to find otamendi”s replacement quickly since lich is injured. my best bet is facunda medina and marcos senesi but I don’t know if he will trust them the main attributes otamendi has is aerial dual which is biggest factor for defenders and believe me no defender can came close to otamendi on the spect.

  2. Scaloni prefers Bounanotte rather than Soule which doesn’t made sense.

    At this stage ,Soule is far more better than Bounanotte. Exequiel Zeballos is another similar case, Great talent but doesn’t convince scaloni .

    Soule ,Zeballos,Cristian Medina,Martegani,N Perez, M Senesi, Esquivel (LB in brazil),N Paz, Carboni Brothers ,Zapelli ,Redondo ,Equi Fernandez are the most promising youngsters should at least gradually call up several players from the above list.

  3. Soule really impressive. Deserves to be called up next month.

    Bounanotte disappointed, didn’t show too much talent.

    Garnacho decent performance

    Martegani surprisingly good, played like de Paul.

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