Ángel Di María scores for Benfica in 1-0 win vs. FC Porto


Ángel Di María scored for Benfica in their 1-0 win vs. FC Porto.

Di María is the ultimate big game player. Scoring in the World Cup final, the Copa America final and the Finalissima, he continues to do well in the big matches, this time scoring in the biggest match in Portuguese football.

It was a low pass into the penalty area which found the Argentine who scored for the fourth consecutive league match for Benfica.


    • Relax everybody gets injured, it’s normal in football. He’s is playing MLS without any preseason. If we go by your logic then what about lisandro Martinez, He’s supposed to be young player then why he is getting injure. Does he also needs to be retired?

    • ???………….The guy’s injured, he needs rest that’s all. He played 12 games (11 of which were for full 90 min) in a space of just under 6 weeks, which equates to a game every 4 days! That’s alot for a 20 yr old footballer let alone a 36 yr old who came into Miami straight from a holiday.
      Lets let the guy recover in peace.

  1. How things stand atm without RDP? and Messi? our starting lineup should be in next games: Emi Tagliafico Romero Ota Molina Enzo Mac Palacios Julian Lautaro Di Maria. Lautaro Julian duo upfront is our future and a must to try, finally start them together. That duo with Di Maria creativity will be deadly.

    • Well Acuna is back and we’re still unsure how long Lio and DePaul are out for, all we know is that Licha is out for sure.

      Your 4-3-3 lineup is solid but where is Julian supposed to be playing? With Maria on the right and Lautaro central I’m guessing Julian is taking the left side of the 3 as in:


      Not sure how Alvarez does playing on the left, I’ve seen him do once or twice and I don’t remember him shining.

      Another option is:




      Playing Enzo and Mac in the holding positions isn’t ideal even though they have both done quite a bit. If Lio and De Paul are indeed out then I’d go with a 4-3-3 where one of Julian or Lautaro is sacrificed:

      ———————–Nico—————–Julian or Lautaro—————-Maria


      I’m picking Varela because he has shown for the 2 years that he’s more than ready for the NT and that with him playing holding midfield Enzo and Allister can have the necessary freedom to maraude forward and do what they do best.
      Then I’d bring Garnacho (for Nico), Soule (for Maria) and Palacios (for either Allister or Enzo) and lets not forget Almada who can also come in for Nico or Enzo on the left side of the mid or attack.

      • Perfect line up mamoun with only one change for me rather than Julian or lautaro I would go for Julian as starter and then lautaro will replace Julian later on…

  2. Fideo is the most underrated players of 2006-present. He doesn’t get the praise he deserves. And is an emotional player that makes u cry. He is the definition of glory. My 2nd favorite player from Argentina even more than messi but not more than the great Diego

        • Like my friend SorinXcrespO said, Messi is hands down the best EVER to step on the pitch the talent, the numbers, the trophies including Country, Club and individually……BUT El Diego is a mythical legend.
          His footballing skills, brash BUT likeable personality, his smile…..and then what he did in 1986 in Mexico. What he did Vs England was unimageable, sticking it to the MAN, and then scoring the BEST GOAL SCORED IN WC HISTORY and carrying his team to the WC win…forget about it.

      • Messi is incredible, he is the best forward I have ever seen, he is ridiculously consistent, he has had the best career.

        I also rate Diego above Messi, by a hair. I watched every game of the NT since 80s 90s.. Diego in many ways was the opposite of leo, wild rockstar personality that got him into constant trouble and controversy and ultimately cut his career tragically short.. however, while Diego kept it together, he was better than Messi, he burned shorter but brigther. Maradonas 86 world cup is perhaps rhe greatest single performance in the history of the sport and what he did with Napoli (imagine inter miami winning the champions leauge) was monstrous. Diego was a leader and also had a creative magic that was more unpredictable and entertaining (think Ronaldinho like skills), then off the pitch he was a larger than life clown/rebel celebrity which you either loved or hated, but that’s besides the sport. Diego was the mest midfielder I ever saw play, he was a force of nature, and even from modfield he was a constant goal scoring threat. He also played at an era in futbol where it was “modern” but also “brutal” getting the crap kicked out of him, yet he still ran straight at defenders over and over. Massive balls and character, where as today players are protected and Messi, Cr7, Neymar receive one bad tackle for every 50 diego did, a warrior.

        We are lucky we got both for the Albiceleste.

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