Trailer for Messi Meets America on AppleTV+ released


AppleTV have released the trailer for Messi Meets America which premieres on October 11.

Lionel Messi will be receiving his own 6-part series on AppleTV+ premiering this month. The trailer shows Lionel Messi with Inter Miami and interviews with Messi himself and David Beckham.


  1. Schedule is very heavy for Messi… hopefully he will be rested for the upcoming WC qualifiers. Let him recover well.

    I started to believe that we will be playing next WC without Messi. Dimaria and Otamendi will be retired after the next Copa.

    Surely Papu, and Armani are already done with NT.

    I don’t believe Paredes will make to the next WC squad.

    Still, we will have a great squad for the next WC. Argentina is always a contender for the World Cup.

    • No way ARG would be a WC contender wo Messi, the last time we reached at least the WC semi final!!! wo a Goat-level footballer was in 1978 at home, before that in 1930.

      • It has as much to do with the coach as it does with GOAT level footballer. Take 1982, 2010 and 2018 for examples, Argentina couldn’t hack it even with THE goats amongst their ranks because the managers were a joke. Looking at the talent Argentina has combined with Scaloni and co.’s management, I can see Argentina reaching the semis or the final even without King Lio. With that being said I have to admit that winning the world cup again (as in 2wice in a row) is almost an impossibility considering how it’s never been done since the end of the Jules Remet era.

        • We remain strong ofc wo Messi and wo his Robin Di Maria, but will lose that plus extra which is needed for us historically in WCs , this is our destiny, the argentine way. I dont count WC94 where Maradona was suspended and WC2006 where Messi was injured, so with Diego 2/3 finals, with Messi 2/4, when Messi had a good coach he has always played a WC final, Diego and Sampaoli were joke categories. Sadly the balanced, not Goat-oriented gameplan is not our winning way, we will fail earlier or later. WC98, WC2002, WC2006 perfect examples except the world class players in every position, still something were missing, we know what. And Kempes played like peak Diego or Messi in 1978, way over his abilities, so there was still a Goat-level superstar performer in the team. (But dont forget that WC was at home).

          A world cup in America is a huge chance for american teams traditionally, for us too. Sorry hate it or not but i want that 39 years old Messi in the team, even if he would fail for physical reasons, wo him we will be good, balanced, maybe even more fluid, but wont win it, with Messi maybe we will fail very badly, still this is our only chance to win the WC imo.

          Not to speak about Scaloneta one of the biggest strenghts if not the biggest that the teammates would die for Messi, fight like lions for him.

  2. Roy
    Why is your site covered with more pop up ads these days than a porn website? Every time I log in I have to close about 5 ad pop ups?

    Also, why is it that every time River play Boca they look like a bunch of savage animals fighting over a bone? You’d think these morons are playing rugby when they take the field.

    • One constantly pops up and covers the entire screen. have to presse the tiny x top right to close it but i often fumble and have to close the entire browser and start over. ads are annoying on mobile but Roy has to monetize the little that this site offers with low traffic.

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