Mauro Icardi scores for Galatasaray in 3-2 win vs. Manchester United


Mauro Icardi scored for Galatasaray in their 3-2 win vs. Manchester United.

Icardi continued his goal scoring form for Galatasaray in a memorable 3-2 win. With United taking the lead twice and Galatasaray drawing level twice, the Turkish club were awarded a penalty kick and a chance to take a 3-2 lead.

A red card for Casemiro and Galatasaray were playing against 10 Manchester United players. The 30 year old took the penalty but his effort went wide of the goal as it remained 2-2 at Old Trafford.

Minutes later, the ball fell to the Argentine in midfield as he ran through on goal and chipped the goalkeeper and scored to give Galatasaray the lead. Icardi now has eight goals in nine matches for Galatasaray.

Alejandro Garnacho came on as a substitute for Manchester United in the second half.


  1. Very bad situation with Licha in that sense that if he was going to have any chance of replacing Otamendi for the Copa America he needs to be fit the whole year for every Argentina game to do as best as possible when Scaloni selects him. Now that’s looking a lot harder. If Otamendi keeps steady given his age he most likely will be a starter, and it’s not like its some huge necessity to replace him because he DID have a good WC, but I’ve always had a couple of lingering doubts about the medium term with him

  2. Scaloni should give chance to 1 to 2 back up CBs. Senesi is essential. Coz Romero is injury prone and Otamendi is aging. Lisandro is out for atleast 3-4 months. So trying out another defender into this system is good for future. This is the right time to try senesi. And is lichas injury serious? Can we expect the licha we know in his comeback?

  3. Icardi as a talent never ever a question his finishing skills are better than lautaro for sure , if he played for current man city he could score 4+ goals all season.
    But his mentality and passion is below to a elite player

    • The guy misses 2 penalties in a row. He shoots with the instep of his foot whereas the majority of players use the inside of the foot. With the inside of the foot you’re much better at steering the ball. The instep is better for power but not for direction. His chip minutes later was world class. He is and remains a weird guy.

      • Great players have missed penalties. But yesterday Onana dived the same direction Icardi was planning to shoot, and everything in a pentaly happens in a split second, hence he shot wide trying to put the ball far away from the goalkeeper’s reach.

  4. Wasn’t that great of a goal. Manchester United is in shambles. Their coach won’t last this winter. Icardi should have played for Israel as his national team, his girlfriend could have made it happen. 😂 I’m a dik.

  5. A bit unlucky with the missed penalty but boy what a goal that was. Three defenders , all of them younger than him couldn’t catch up with him and the chipped the ball over Onana who guessed Icardi was going to shoot instead of a chip. Chelsea needs an experienced striker and Galatasaray most likely will be out of Champions league by January. Poch should make a move for him.

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