Argentina to play Brazil at the Maracaná in November’s World Cup qualifier


Argentina will play Brazil at the Maracaná stadium in a World Cup qualifying match in November.

The reigning World Cup winners will return to the Maracaná for the first time since winning the 2021 Copa America. The Brazilian football federation has already decided that the match will be played at that stadium on November 21. Brazilian football president Ednaldo Rodrigues stated the following:

“The choice, among the many venues that could host a match like this, was made not only because of the logistics, training and travel conditions, whcih are a priority but also because it is a premise of our management to bring the national team closer to the fans in all regions of Brazil.

“The CBF has received invitations from several places in Brazil and around the world to host what is one of the biggest derbies in world football. We have already had a match in the north, soon in the midwest and then it will be the turn of the southeast. And so we will continue, always respecting the ideal conditions for the best performance of the Brazilian team. I am sure that the most famous stadium in the world will be the stage for a great football party.”


  1. Senesi is not at a level to play for the NT not even for the world cup…if he perform like this in premier league scaloni won’t call him…& I fully agree with scaloni’s decision….Facundo medina should be the first choice to partner with Romero in the NT & also in the next world cup…Medina’s current performance is far better than senesi…

  2. If Ten Hag wants to get Man-United out of this $hit situation, he will have to start Garnacho! This kid is more mature than Rashford and his futbaling IQ is far superior! Everytime he got the ball , he made something happened! This kid is a game changer and is on route to be special player!

    I am starting to worry about Enzo, specially is finishing is going down hill. He has a great opportunity , similar position to Alvarez goal but he was open and only had to beat the GK but shoots straight to the keeper! He had ample time to think before shooting but shoots first touch!

    Lautaro Martinez is at his peak this season, how long can he maintain his peak is yet to be seen but if he keeps his scoring form , he could reach Suarez or Lewandonski level! He was unlucky in the Champions league match but his form is as good as any top striker in Europe right now.

    • Enzo will be fine I promise you that . Chelsea starting to find rhythm under pochettino. As Garnacho I agree with you he should start ahead of Rashford even man utd fans are saying that .

  3. Garnacho made Man United to believe they can win. They were losing the battle…and Garnacho made an almost impossible cross to draw the game. From there, Man U was believing in themselves…they won in the last second…

    Garnacho is establishing slowly into a WC talent…

  4. Enzo seems like a virgin girl in this advanced midfield position, zero sense to score goals except long rangers or give the final passes (he is a controller and long ball passer) i hope Scaloni sees this and make him a regista/DM again, Macallister is much more a goalscoring threat.

  5. I’m already nervous about this game. Brazil will be out for revenge like a Hollywood thriller. We will be showcasing our world cup champion futbol. This will be a game of patience, tactics and nerves.

  6. Without Messi the below mentioned team is quarter finals team at best.
    You need a huge improvement at the top, Dybala if he can keep fit is a must, Alvarez has to keep improving but is a must but CF is a big concern (has been for past 20 years). Lautaro has to step up for the NT. Even for Inter, he hardly shows up in important CL matches. I don’t trust him yet and with hardly any decent CF popping up in the horizon, Scaloni has a big head ache there.
    Mac Allister is an average player at best as Klopp and Liverpool have found out sadly. Scaloni has to look beyond De Paul and MacAllister and start investing in other talents in midfield now itself before going for a mad rush just before the world cup. Dominguez was fantastic last season and hopefully he grabs his chance to show himself up in the premier league. He and Lucas Robertone should be given a chance in midfield. Porto coach criticized Alan Varela a couple of weeks back for being poorly coached in his homeland but I hope he changed his opinion after the game against Barca. Varela is for the future anyway.
    In defence, Facunda Medina is a must. The guy has been consistent in Europe and 2 days back he was very very good against Arsenal. Considering Licha’s poor start to his second season and his constant injuries, Medina is a must. Pazella won’t make the Venezuelan team and Otamendi must go honorably.

    For those of you wondering how mediocre players like Buononotte, Velasco etc get selected by Scaloni, don’t be confused. They are all u 23 call ups by “magical coach Mascherano” masked as a NT selection. This is a new and a good strategy by the AFA. The clubs cannot stop any player from joining the NT on international dates if called up. But the clubs hold the right to not release players for other categories like U 17s, 20s or 23s. That’s why u see really worthless players on the NT list.

      • I’m saying Robertone and Dominguez should be given a chance to have more options in the NT and see what they can bring to the table and yes MacAllister is average at best.

        • sergio, calling MacA “average at best” might have been appropriate during the abysmal qualifier matches (*the dreaded Paredes – MacA combo) but that completely changed during the World Cup given his amazing and critical performance. He also stepped up in league and made it to one of the worlds biggest clubs.

    • Allister? Average at best? Sorry mate but I have respectfully disagree, he’s anything but, infact Alexis might be one of the versatile midfielders playing today. Some people are commenting on how Alexis isn’t as explosive for Liverpool as he was for Brighton but anyone who bothered to watch a single game for Liverpool would realize that Mac is playing the holding midfielder role that belonged to Fabinho, which isn’t his natural role but Klopp knows (from watching Brighton last year and the year before) that Alexis is capable of playing the no.5, 8 and 10 roles very efficiently, hence why liverpool (and Chelsea) went after him like they did.
      As for Nico Dominguez and Robertone, well I agree with you there, both are fantastic midfielders who more than deserve a call up to the NT (Robertone is injured right now so he’s a no go for the October regardless) and I think that if they continue their current form they should replace Paredes and Guido for the next world cup, but then again who knows what will happen in 3 years and how the likes of Redondo, Paz, Alcaraz, Varela, Medina or Perrone will develop in the coming years. Needless to say Argentina’s midfield future is looking bright.
      Regarding the defense, I again agree with you on Medina, the kid’s quality and should be in the NT team right now, not later. The same goes for his U20 partner Nahuen Perez whose work at Udinese seems to have gone unnoticed, which isn’t a very big surprise considering how poorly Udinese is doing, but I really hope Scaloni won’t sleep on Perez because I think he and Medina, as a pair, could form a worth backup partnership to that of Cuti and Licha.

    • MacAllister was one of the World Cup revelations for us. He contributed with a goal, assist and excellent link-up play, how is he average at best?

      • I believe his world cup performance is excellent…but he can improve on that performance. IMO, he will be at his peak after 26..may be until 31 to 32.
        We are blessed for having Allister and Enzo. These 2 guys can play any roles in the midfield. Hopefully they will be part of the NT for long time..! Without them we would have lost the midfield battle and may be the WC too.

      • For sure. Calling MacA Average at best might have been appropriate during the abysmal qualifier matches (*the dreaded Paredes – MacA combo) but that completely changed during the World Cup given his amazing and critical performance. He also stepped up in league and made it to one of the worlds biggest clubs

  7. World cup 2026 potential starting lineup.

    —-MacAllister Enzo Depaul—
    LB—-Licha—– Romero—- Molina

    • Football is too fickle to predict 3 years down the line Sulav, heck I wouldn’t dare predict what the line will be for copa, let alone 2026.
      Take Licha for example, he’s started the season badly but now we know that it’s because of his lingering injury and the fact that he was playing through pain (big mistake) and Ten Hag knew it, that f**king idiot! This is how footballers’ careers get destroyed! Now he’s aggrivated the injury is will be out for several months and one must wonder whether he’ll be able to get back to his best or not.
      The LB position is a mystery, can Acuna and Tagliafico last until 26 or will the likes of Barco (who is playing more winger than LB for Boca right now) fill the void.
      In the middle you’ve got De-Paul, who will be 32 by the next world cup, can he still be Argentina’s tireless engine post 30? And what about Palacios? Can he continue his fantastic current form without those endless little injuries that he suffered in the past? Then there are Nico Dominguez, Varela and Robertone, will they get a look in from Scaloni?
      Up top is packed with questions. Can Nico Gonzalez stay fit and keep up his current great form? Can we depend on Dybala to stay fit (unlikely). Can Lautaro break that mental block he developed with the NT since Qatar or will Julian have to carry all the weight himself? And what about Veliz and Beltaran, will they live up to their potential?
      All these questions and we haven’t even gotten to Garnacho, Romero and Soule. Will Luka find a club that will take a chance on him and play him unlike Lazio and Milan? Will Soule continue his great form and force his way into the NT instead of taking the easy way out and play for Italy? And lastly will Garnacho develop into the world class player that many of us think he will be or will he go the way of so many talented footballers who wasted their potential at United.

      Too many questions to be posed, so many infact that it makes predicting a 2026 line up almost moot.

      • Excellent response mamoun but it’s still fun to predict line ups 🙂

        To your point, how many people had MacAllister, Enzo, and Alvarez as starters even few months prior to Saudi kick off?? Lmao

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