Mauro Icardi reaches eight goals in eight games for Galatasaray


Mauro Icardi scored to make it eight goals in eight games for Galatasaray in their 2-0 win vs. Bitexen Antalyaspor.

Icardi cannot stop scoring goals. The Argentine now has eight goals in eight league matches for Galatasaray or nine goals and one assist in 10 matches, including the Champions League.

With Galatasaray leading 1-0, it was a cross into the penalty area and Icardi would score from a difficult angle to give Galatasaray the 2-0 lead.


  1. Our boy Soule cotinues to perform and I couldn’t be any happier, if he keeps this up I can honestly see him being Argentina’s RFW / RW in the next world cup. I really hope and pray that Luka Romero finds a club that would trust in him like Frozinone has for Soule because he too is a legit talent that is wasting in Italy, luckily he’s only 18 and time is still on his side but he needs to leave Milan ASAP.
    A shout out to Barranechea also, because he’s playing quite well even if he’s not quite the level of Varela.

    I caught a glimpse of Roma’s game and Paredes apparently did quite well but Paulo……honestly I’ve given up on him and Celso, those 2 are following Gago’s broken path and it’s just heartbreaking 🙁

  2. As soon as Julian is subbed out, I supported Arsenal. What a goal! I can’t understand why Guardiola always falls in love with Frauden or Grubbish in crucial moments.

    • Once Julian was subbed out for Doku, City looked so mediocre. What a poor decision from Pep! Haaland just waiting up front offering nothing and Foden unable to play provide any service like Alvarez! It should have been Foden not Alvarez!

      • It should have been Haaland..Foden at least helping defensively and very fast in counter. Alvarez is their best player, he can score anytime from anywhere. Poor Pep..

        • Yes, it should have been Haaland who was having a disastrous match but Pep can’t sub him or Foden and he instead went for the player that was constantly getting in dangerous position and lookes like a real threat!

  3. Dybala subbed off due to injury, he was able to walk out of the pitch so doesn’t seem very serious , however he is most likely out of the qualifiers. Blessing in disguise for Roma fans and Mourinho. They were leading 2-0 when he was subbed and now he will have 2 full weeks of rest!

  4. A complete center forward! He is too good to play in Turkish league and Chelsea desperately needs a better finisher! Galatasaray will be out of the Champions league by Jan and if Chelsea can make both Icardi and his club an offer they can’t refuse, he could be playing in EPL!

  5. Wasted talent but then again, had he performed with ARG like he’s doing now or when he was with Inter then it would been hard to brush him aside regardless of the back story.

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