Gerardo Martino speaks about Lionel Messi’s fitness, no transfer to FC Barcelona


Gerardo Martino spoke about Lionel Messi’s fitness and about how he will not be joining FC Barcelona.

Martino spoke at a press conference after Inter Miami’s 1-0 loss against Cincinnati and Osvaldo Godoy of was in attendance. Lionel Messi was brought on as a substitute for Inter Miami and Martino commented on Messi’s fitness. Here is what he had to say:

“He (Messi) is not injured anymore. He just needs to get the rhythm back.”

The Inter Miami coach also commentedo n the rumors of Lionel Messi joining FC Barcelona on loan now that Inter Miami are eliminated from MLS playoff contention:

“If Messi goes to Barcelona, it’s to visit, haha. I am surprised by that rumor.”


  1. Denial is not a river in Egypt! We all lose the battle against time. We all think we can go one more round but there is only so long we can go. There is ZERO chance this guy will be at the next world cup and I would say about 40 percent chance he will be an important part in the next Copa. He really should just be coming off the bench for us. There is nothing wrong with giving him 15 to 20 minutes a game if we need him. He is an important presence for the team. His minutes should really be determined by him, but not at the expense of the team. I’d rather have a Messi that performs at a high intensity level for 30 minutes than the one I saw play last night.

    • I agree with San Isidro a 100%, nothing lasts forever and that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. It’s Copa America and then curtains down forever. Scaloni and the team needs to learn to share the load on offense and that would only make the team stronger. The thought of him playing in the next world cup is just as ridiculous as him being loaned out to Barcelona.

    • Are you saying the guy who was scoring goals for fun 3 weeks ago is all of a sudden done? Messi didn’t give a flying fcuk when playing for PSG and walked most of the time and hardly put 50% effort , what makes you think that he would go out running on full cylinders knowing that Inter Miami won’t qualify no matter what! He already made sure they are in the North American, CONCACAF Champions Cup. My only worry is the 4 months of zero futbal for him! He doens’t want to go back to Barca and there is not enough international matches to keep him match fit!
      However I agree, Messi will be bigger liability in 2026 than Macherano in 2018! May be he can come off the bench as a super sub but He is not someone who will tarnish his legacy just to appear in the world cup! COPA could be his last dance with the national team.

      • Messi has always been slow to pick up his form after an injury and last night was no different but the bigger picture is where is he as a football player physically now and where will he be next year or after?
        Messi basically played nonstop except for few weeks since last season with PSG and all the time off will do him good for next season and Copa.
        Messi is not her highness thinking her special powers are eternal and foolishness will only bring more foolishness and MESSI IS NO FOOL

  2. Messi has to do a long rest. He played too many matches, just compare the minutes in competitive matches under their club careers (from transfermarkt): Higuain 49200 minutes (retired), Aguero 49600 minutes (retired), Di Maria 48500 minutes, Otamendi 49900 minutes, Papu Gomez 45800 minutes…Messi 72900 minutes!!! plus 14600 only with NT.

  3. Good to see medina added. Lautaro needs to score in big matches. Scaloni knows the best thing about football. But we need winger.

  4. Don’t write off Messi just because his team is out of the playoffs. Inter Miami over played Messi and they paid the price. I am glad unlike Licha, Messi took adequate time to get back his fitness. We will see real Messi in Argentina’s shirt. He needs quality players around him to display his game.

    Also, Barcelona and Messi is never happening again, Never! Even he goes on loan for 4 months to Europe, Barcelona won’t be his destination.

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