Ángel Di María confirms Argentina retirement after 2024 Copa America


Ángel Di María confirmed that he will be retiring from the Argentina national team after the 2024 Copa America.

Di María will be stepping aside from the Argentina national team after the Copa America next year. The World Cup winner spoke in an interview with Todo Pasa, here is what he had to say:

“It’s the Copa America and it’s over. It’s the last thing for me with the national team.”

He also spoke about Lionel Messi:

“With Leo, I accomplished everything. The only thing I was missing was to play in a club with him and the day they did their farewell to me at PSG, I hugged him and told him: ‘the only thing I’m grateful for is to have been able to play with you in a club, to be able to see you every day.’

“Being there for a whole year, seeing him for a whole year, the training, seeing the things he does, for me that was the best and I was able to experience it.”

About the 2022 World Cup final:

“I felt that I had to miss those matches for that final, the final that I had not been given in 2014. I had this same feeling, that everything was unlocked and that another goal was coming I told him again (Scaloni).

“When I was substituted out, I was crying on the bench because I still felt good, I wasn’t tired. We had a good advantage but that happens when you play against an opponent that have 18 players that can be starters.

“At times I would say: “We’re losing it, we’re losing it” and at others I knew that every time I scored a goal in the final, we didn’t lose. All I did was pray and ask for it to be ours.”


  1. I have lots of respect for Scaloni. I rate him as world’s best coach. But I don’t understand why he substituted Di Maria in the final. He was about to cost the World Cup. I still believe, if Di Maria was on the field this would never have gone to penalty. Did he regretted for that substitution?

  2. Had Dimaria played the 2014 final we would have won our 3rd star then and if Scaloni had not subbed him in 2022 final, the game would never have gone into penalties!

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