Lionel Scaloni on Argentina win, World Cup qualifying matches vs. Uruguay and Brazil


Lionel Scaloni spoke about Argentina’s 2-0 win vs. Peru and the upcoming World Cup qualifying matches against Uruguay and Brazil.

Scaloni spoke to the media after Argentina’s 2-0 win and commented on Lionel Messi and his fitness. Scaloni also spoke about the team. Here is what he had to say:

“The second half was more of the same. We were limited by having been left with only one window (to make a substitution) when Cuti went out and we only had one more window with many minutes and some with physical problems. We were limited by that and the team was able to solve it.

“What these two matches have left me with is the desire to keep competing, to not fall asleep, to keep wanting to win and that is the best thing. Those who are out there want to play, they contribute and that is important. Everyone is pulling in the same direction and going for the same cause.

“It is gratifying to see them like this, especially because they have understood the message: Life goes on and you have to keep competing. You can win or lose, but form is the most important thing.”

About the matches against Uruguay and Brazil in November:

“We will face them in the same way, they are two very tough matches and we have to play them. The most important thing is to keep playing the same way, knowing that the opponents will make it difficult for us but it will be a nice fixture to enjoy.”


  1. Of all the matches played after World Cup today’s was the most difficult one for various reasons. We were without some of the regulars like Molina, Montiel (no regret that he left early :-)) and Cuti (left midway). Peru also put up a gritty show in the first 20 mins. They should have scored on two occasions. We looked as fragile in the first half today as we looked against the Soceroos in the friendly earlier this year. We need to be way better against the brilliance and eagerness of Valverde, Nunez and Araujo. Brazil might be without Neymar. Still they are a way better side compared to Peru and the venue would be Maracana. In those two matches Scaloni should ensure that Messi is not the only difference between us and them.

    • Neymar has no heart, no real passion, when the tough gets going, Neymar goes away…..
      He is always injured, not for a week or 3 but for whole seasons!! Wasted talent on partying, women, and other none football related nonsense.
      Homie at 31 basically called it QUITS when he moved to SA, he did it for $$$, MORE MONEY and free perks… reap what you sow.

    • I honestly felt bad for the guy! He was the only non-Argentine to support Messi at PSG when Mbappe and Hakimi made sure Messi saw no ball to make him look like a clown at the expense of their joke club. However Messi is going to have a last laugh soon with his 8th BallonDor and Mbappe and Hakimi will crash out of the Champions league.

  2. People have been so used to Messi scoring amazing goals every match, mesmerizing dribbles every match and insane passes and assist every match that as soon as these stop even for a match or two, people come to a conclusion that he is finished! When he fails to do anything extraordinary, they only notice his walking and losing possession and decide he is old and done. Dribblings will result in losing possession, not every shot results in a goal and not every passes can split defenses!

    At PSG haters came to the se conclusion that he is finished! But the truth was even though he was unfit after the Venezuelan match and on top of that covid infection, he still managed to hit the post 14 times and provided 16 assist while being completely isolated from the ball and game by the toxic politics of Mbappe and Hakimi! Yes, it is true that he didn’t give his 100% and why should he , just because a 23 year old egotistical fool can outscore him and Neymar? So folks, lets not write Messi off just yet, he could easily play the next world cup as a super sub as he will be 38 and turning 39 during the event.

    • I for one would love to see Messi play for another 10 years but nobody knows what’s going to happen next sec nm the next game or season and the older you are, the more susceptible you are to injuries. I also said that all Messi had to do was win the WC and then he can go do whatever he wants and nobody knows what’s best for him other than him and he already stated Copa is the final, which Di Maria already confirmed.
      The BOSS played GREAT last night but so did the rest of the team, the Passing was simply sublime and I beat him to calling this team’s ability like Barcelona’s Prime right after the game ended before he said it. Are we going to get that version of Messi every game?, I HOPE but it’s not realistic. Whatever Messi decides will become reality unless something drastic happens, the end of COPA will leave 2 years to decide what Scaloni will do if Messi calls it quits or Not.

      I honestly believe many members quit after ARG won COPA and even so after winning the WC. I’m still celebrating ARG’s WC win and will continue to do so for the unforeseeable future and I let every hater that I know that WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS every time I see them and I’m obviously an ARGENTINA fan before being a Messi fan….etc
      I remember this place to have 200-300 posts during and after the 2018 WC games, when the team was lousy and many came out to call them this and that and how they’ll quit watching or caring blah blah blah…….ARG wins the WC and many of these people are nowhere to be found!

  3. Seballista
    Make a difference between frustration and hate.” Frustration can be confused for hate. Some people are contend, grateful and just enjoying the moment of the team as champions. That’s why they’re not posting negative comments. When the tables turn, they will air their feelings. They’re not haters just disgruntled supporters. Also note that there are Argentina NT fans and Messi fans on this platform. Therefore there’s a difference in feelings towards Messi, especially that this a new cycle. That doesn’t mean they hate Messi. Myself, I am going for the 8th WC cycle as a supporter. So I know no matter how good Messi is, he’s not the same machine we had in 2006, 10, 14 and 18 World Cups. 2022, he finally had the right team and coach.
    Stop calling fellow supporters, haters”

    Mate you made good points and I agree with you especially, when said there are Argentina fans and Messi fans That Is 100% true. Personally I love Messi but I’m more grateful to our coaching staff who build solid team around Messi, I’m 100 sure Messi won’t have won without likes emi martinez, cuti Romero , Julian Alvarez, de Paul, enzo , macca, molina and most definitely without our coaching staff.

  4. Is our current 51 matches with only 1 lose a world record? The longest unbeaten run is 37 matches from Italy then our 36, so i think 51/1 should be very close to another record.

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