Ángel Di María and five Argentine players on Benfica tribute mural


Ángel Di María and five other Argentine players have been selected to be on Benfica’s mural as the club pays tribute to their stadium.

Di María, Nicolás Otamendi, Pablo Aimar, Ezequiel Garay, Eduardo Salvio and Nicolás Gaitán are part of the 20 players that have been chosen by fans to be part of the tribute for the 20 years of the Estádio da Luz, which is Benfica’s stadium. Di Maria recently returned to the club while Otamendi is the team captain. On his Instagram, Di Maria posted the following:

“To be one of the 20 chosen by all members and fans of the club is a great pride for me. I have no words to thank everyone. Staying forever on that wall and on one of the stadium walls is something unique and magnificent. Thank you very much to all. BENFICA.”

Pablo Aimar, adored at every club he played for, spent five years with Benfica playing 179 matches. Ezequiel Garay played over 130 matches at the club between 2011-2014, while Eduardo Salvio played for seven years and took part in over 260 matches. Nicolás Gaitán played over 250 matches during his six years at the club.

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  1. Otamendi has already been at Benfica for 3 years, how time flies. Even though he played for their rivals Porto years ago the fans still picked him to be in top 20. He is a warrior…

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