Facundo Medina scores his first goal for Lens in 4-0 win vs. Nantes


Facundo Medina scored his first goal for Lens in their 4-0 win vs. Nantes.

Medina was part of the entire build up to his goal, playing a one-two before scoring from the edge of the penalty area to give Lens the 2-0 lead. The 24 year old has taken part in nine of the 10 matches in Ligue 1 for Lens, having missed one due to a yellow card suspension.

The Argentine made headlines on social media with a clip where he was jokingly telling a reporter that “the French have been broken since the World Cup final”.


  1. Mateo Pellegrino made his debut for AC Milan. played 68 mind. Struggled against Napoli.
    Barcelona are tracking Argentinos striker Gondou.
    Matias Soule is having fun at Frosinone. Probably the only rate bright spot along with the two Martinez, Cuti Romero. Otherwise it has been a mediocre and for some disastrous season for most Argentines in Europe this season.

  2. Alvarez will have his work cut out for him if he wants to stay in the starting xi because of Grealish! This person is envious of Alvarez. Multiple times he could have passed it to Julian where he was in a great position to score but Grealish decided to take a wild shot of misplaced the ball. Haaland’s goal also was a result of sublime long ball from Julian to Grealish. I don’t know how far is KDB from being back to fitness but Grealish back from injury is bad news for Alvarez. This fool reminds me of over-rated and selfish $unt Hakimi!

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