Lautaro Martínez scores and makes it 12 goals in 11 matches with Inter


Lautaro Martínez scored and has made it 12 goals in 11 matches with Inter this season.

Martínez continues his goal scoring form as he now has seven goals in his last five league matches. With Inter leading 1-0 vs. Atalanta, Lautaro received the ball to the right of the goalkeeper inside the penalty area and the Argentine would curl one into the side of the goal to give Inter the 2-0 lead.

Juan Musso was the starting goalkeeper for Atalanta, he has now started eight of the eleven matches for them in the league.


  1. Few players I want to see in the list*
    Icardi* ( copa is just 8 months away and no good backup CF ).
    new RB and LB. ( Foyth,montiel, acuna are injured).

  2. Beltran is hopeless again, our centre forwards besides Julian and Lautaro are mediocre (Beltran, Simeone, Castellanos) i dont count Icardi for well known reasons, Santiago Gimenez is a huge loss.

    • I think Veliz might still develop into something decent, keeping an eye on him…

      But it’s not like other big nations are blessed with amazing no 9s either. Kane is not a spring chicken anymore, Morata is mediocre, Germany has no CFs, Italy is mediocre, only France that have a few players that can play no 9 but are not even pure strikers. Brazil’s CFs are not good…

  3. Hope to see Lautaro transfer his amazing Inter form to the national team. I feel like he just needs to score one goal from open play to get the monkey off his back and get back to his scoring ways for us.

    Meanwhile, Tagliafico’s Lyon is at the very bottom of the French league. I hope he can play a couple of seasons in either Italy, Spain or Portugal.

    • Its all started after his cancelled goal against Saudi. He never scored since then, which is odd. You’d think after he scored that winning penalty against Netherlands he’d start to flourish again, but for some reason, he’s still stuck.

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