Copa Libertadores final, Boca Juniors against Fluminense


The Copa Libertadores final takes place on Saturday between Boca Juniors and Fluminense at the Maracana.

The final of the biggest club tournament in South America, if not the world, takes place on Saturday. Six time champions Boca Juniors against Fluminense, a club that has never lifted the trophy.

One club from Argentina against a club from Brazil. A club that has players which have represented Argentina at national team level like Sergio Romero, Marcos Rojo and even Dario Benedetto with an Uruguayan superstar in Edinson Cavani.

Germán Cano is the only Argentine with Fluminense but the Argentine has 12 goals in 11 matches in this year’s Copa Libertadores. The 35 year old will want to score in the final.

Boca Juniors eliminated Nacional of Uruguay in the Round of 16 on penalty kicks, eliminated Racing in the quarter finals on penalty kicks and advanced to the final by beating Palmeiras on penalty kicks. Sergio Romero made penalty saves in all three of the shootouts and Marcos Rojo is suspended after being red carded against Palmeiras.

Fluminense eliminated Argentinos Juniors of Argentina in the Round of 16, Olimpia of Paraguay in the quarter finals and Internacional of Brazil in the semi finals.


  1. As much as I want Argentine club to win it, Boca has been relying on LUCK and its finally run out. They only won 2 games out 6 at KO stage leading up to the final.

    • Absolutely true.
      The level of Boca and many other club teams is sub par. Brazilian teams have now won 5 times in a row. Can’t see any change coming soon. On NT level we’re still superior, on league level we don’t rank in the top 6 of the world.

  2. boca doesn’t deserve to win .Look at the local league this season ,boca is just a shit . Alminron isn’t a good coach ,he doesn’t use properly Zeballos, before he got injured. Heavily Bet on Barco ,at this stage I don’t think Barco has the ability to carry a team like boca .

    To be honest ,Only Zeballos has potential .Medina and Equi Fernandez may be useful .Barco still need lots of improvement.

  3. Boca play like a shit today and they deserve to lose. The commentator from BeIn Sports is such an idiot who licks Fluminense’s butthole the entire 120 minutes.

  4. Boca is some of the ugliest most embarrassing football I have seen in some time. I don’t care the outcome their style is shit. Honestly I’ve seen better MLS than this dogshit they play. The great Riquelme, this is the trash he fields. What a joke. Barco needs to get out of that team before they turn him into a hack also. Cavani is trash. Plays like a coward. Sad this is the shit we have representing Argentina football.

  5. Horrible first half from Boca, no creativity upfront, Barco-Medina duo create nothing. German Cano is the king of Libertadores in this season. The PK shootouts is Boca maximum today too.

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