Cristian Romero gets red carded, Enzo Fernández asks to be substituted


Cristian Romero tackled Enzo Fernández getting red carded and Enzo asking to get substituted.

Romero was having a good match for Tottenham as they even took the lead against Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea. The entire match had many incidents but this one in particular involved Argentina fans.

The 25 year old went for the ball inside his own penalty area but with the ball also close to Enzo’s feet, Romero would end up sliding onto Enzo’s ankle. The referee would go to VAR and the decision was a red card.

Enzo would continue the match but 11 minutes into the second half, he would ask to be substituted. He did not require a stretcher and walked on his own but with Argentina playing two World Cup qualifying matches this month, Lionel Scaloni, his coaching staff and Argentina fans will be awaiting the news on his status.

The match would prove to be a memorable one with four goals disallowed. Chelsea would score on the penalty given by Romero and Tottenham would get another record card as Chelsea would get the 4-1 win.


  1. I understand it was a dangerous situation and Enzo could have been seriously hurt.

    But what is a defender supposed to do there? Not clear the ball? His foot was high because of the natural follow-through of the clearance. It is how human legs work. He did not slide in. He got the ball first. And he did not show his studs. That red card was completely undeserved. If this was in South America, it probably would not even be a foul.

    This is the nature of football. Whenever two footballers try to kick or head the same ball, there is always the risk of injury. It is often a matter of a microsecond. It is very harsh showing straight reds in such cases.

    Meanwhile Soule misses out on two assists because the same player hits the frame of the goal twice. What luck.

  2. Romeros tackling looks always get a chance to get a red. Tht kind of sliding is not gud for a C.Defendr. Thr is always getting a chance to got out in major matches..In fact he is a hardworking player,but his dedication is very imp for a team

  3. Today I watched the match between Frosinone vs Empoli to know how Soule played. I was just impressed by him playing with ball. He’s quick with dribbling, passing and vision. He remained me young Di Maria. Hope to see him soon with National Team.

  4. Feeling worried that this might have an impact on their relationship. Scaloni’s strategy is all around team bonding. Such incidents have ruined unities in various national teams in the past.

  5. That red was wasn’t intentional.. I.dont understand y he’s getting bashed here. If was against a Brazilian u all would be praising him.. that’s Romero for u .. that’s the player he is.. whether is club or country.. he is very tough on his opponents….

  6. Romero is mad he could end enzo season so easily. So glad pochettino beat spurs at thier back yard ,You can say whatever you want about poch , I’m certain he will succeed at Chelsea.

  7. Romero needs to chill the hell out, there is a very fine line between dangerous and semi-acceptable tackles and he seems to dance across that line often.
    Enzo could have been seriously injured if not worse and that’s his teammate for GOD’s sake.
    A tackle like that in a WC qualifier or COPA could have him sit his ass for few games, guaranteed!

  8. Though it wasn’t deliberate obviously, he should go easy on his team mates. Enzo could have easily broken his foot. But in his defense, Enzo had the ball in a dangerous position and drew that foul. Once Romero was out, Tottenham’s crumbled like a house of cards. They just couldn’t cope with Chelsea’s attack only for the blues to waste all the chances. One of the most overrated and undeserved hatrick was scored by a mediocre striker today.

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