Leandro Paredes, Enzo Fernández one yellow card away from suspension


Leandro Paredes and Enzo Fernández are both one yellow card away from suspension.

The Argentina national team will play two World Cup qualifying matches this month, with the first one on Thursday against Uruguay. Lionel Scaloni has two players who could miss the match against Brazil if they each get another yellow card in Thursday’s match.

Paredes received a yellow card in Argentina’s first 2026 World Cup qualifying match against Ecuador and a second for him against Uruguay would have him miss the match against Brazil.

Enzo Fernández received a yellow card against Paraguay and one more for him and he would miss the next match.


    • Very good question indeed unfortunatly i don’t have an answer…only i can think of is maybe that the coaching has something kind of allready sorted in their minds as how they will aproach Bielsa’s Uruguay and Brazil at Maracana, though nothing is granted and injuries unfortunatly does occur even in warm up’s before the game…so i’m pretty sure this has been thought of too, but one can have only certain amounts of options as A, B and hopefully also C…etc…

    • To answer that question can you please answer me how many young talent or players Scaloni & Co left in the squad of World Cup? Every one was in the plane who deserved their place in the squad in one way or other. Like how our reserves gk helped Messi with penalty. Small detail like that it makes huge difference nowadays. I don’t see what Garnacho did to break the squad really okay maybe Soule knocking the door. To break or knock off Fideo or Nico it has to be something like Cuti has done. You lot moan about Gonzalez but fail to notice his hard work,the position he gets into ,also his intelligence to adapt the game whenever the game requires & more importantly gives the coaching stuff different variables. Yes his ability to finish those chances should get better and it will. I still believe against France instead of Acuna if Nico was there replacing Fideo it would have been different scenario however no one cares anyway. Anyway long story short I would answer your question mate that have faith and patience . We are world champion, number one in the ranking,team to beat in the world, all the teams are queuing to play against us…..so why so panic???

    • Because:

      – Valentin Barco is 19 years old and lacks experience on a bigger stage. His time will come. The coaching staff decided to take a look at Ortega who is a bit older (24) and is playing in Europa League for Olympiacos.
      – Soule is a talent but Scaloni and co likely decided to go for experience against strong opponents in Uruguay and Brazil. Take a look at the queue of those who can play on right wing is for Argentina now: Messi, Di Maria, Dybala, Ocampos, Nico Gonzalez. We know that Messi is going to either nominally start on the right in a quasi 4-3-3 or Di Maria will start there with Messi in the middle. Nico Gonzalez is expected to play a prominent role either way, off the bench or as a starter.

    • Simple answer, because we are playing the hardest two teams in south America and also in the world. These games are not played to try out new schemes and players. And let’s say Garnacho got the nod, would he even get minutes in the pitch? I don’t think so. This months call up matches this months compensation.

  1. We all know how Bielsa likes to play but he doesn’t have the players to take control of the game which means there is plenty of goal scoring opportunities but our defender will have their work cut out for them too. Hopefully Enzo scores a goal, he desperately needs a confidence booster to get into form for his club games. Our best and upcoming mid struggling is not good for his confidence. His passing and positioning is still fine but his goal scoring form is going through a very long rough patch. One goal in around 35+ games for Chelsea and he doesn’t even have an assist this season.

    • I think/ deffenetly hope, that being away from Chelsea’s current athmosphere/ England and returning to home as Argentina will just do wonder’s for Enzo as also i would like to think of him turning in to ARG beast mode from a bit unlucky and perhaps also a bit sloppy Chelsea mode etc…

      Also i would like to think of this as kind of devotion holiday for every ARG player included this time as getting to be once again or for the first tim…at least/ though, for Still way too short time, but Still better super quality time together with every team mate and with the Coaching & rest of once’s involded with ARG team etc…

      Though only thing i can think of including Armani must have to do something with training as 4 keepers in others ways not make any sense, though better not concentrate on that rather be focused and ready for Uruguay, which i do rank more better team currently than Brazil, though Maracana will never be taken lightly etc…

      Too bad Licha being constantly aside as theese games would had been perfect for him, though glad to Still have Ota around, though hopefully he will maintain fit and once again proove himself against Uruguay and Brazil….

      Julian & Nico and hopefully Lautaro too will be key up front as Messi is Messi and hopefully he plays and if not so, well others have to lead team anyway at some stage at last at next WC even Messi will and hopefully continue for one more WC, though at age of 38-39 and even now i don”t personally expect nothing anymore as he has given more than everything to us all and all the rest will be just bonus Upon what he has truly given for most importantly fot ARG as i understand and agree that he has given so much to world football itself, than no one else ( only DIEGO comes to Mind, R.I.P)

      Any how this is about ARG and off ourse i want Messi to play as long as possible for ARG as that is purely up to himself etc…

      I”m more than happy with ARG current midfield options as, that is not teally a concern to me at all… Licha’s injury and some struggling for form at their clubs, though hopefully this will change soon as possible etc…

      Also one must be ready to play and adjust to any.circumstances with any set of players as basicly there lies a chance for anyone selected might get chance ( exept Armani ) and will have be on their best fot ARG…

      Though i hope Cuti and Ota with Tagli and Molina will be the back 4 and also if Acuna in form etc…

      Not really sure if Maffeo and Ortega will get their Chance as playing against Uruguay and Brazil away…i quess it will not be easy for them, though if leading comfortably i would not Mind to see them play etc…

      Once again the results will matter the mosts, but also allways eager to see some good football played too on the pitch, though next 2 games will be maybe 2/4 the hardest of theese WCQ’s, though any opponent can turn out be difficult one as there is no easy games at this level for sure!

      Still, ARG must and like allways be on their best and deliver and if ARG will be able to continue DIBU’s streak, well, that would be a story to tell once again !

      Some goals and not conceding will be the dream and otherhand not loosing kind of the the minimum, though i won’t throw the towel if ARG ends up loosing, but surely it will ruin something for while, but, then in otherhand they must face a kind of new challenge or a simililar challenge since Saudi game and rise above again as, that is also sometimes part of football, where expectations are beyond and OBVIOYSLY very high for a good reason too, so pretty fair in overall etc..

      As fan obviously want the 6 points + good performance too, but as considering the opponents specially Uruguay and also Brazil away, though i do rank their team so high currently, Still we are talking very big games indeed and therefore i would maybe lay down my expectations as fan of ARG a slightly bit, but just slightly, lol!

  2. Wonder how this would affect team selection for Uruguay game.

    Considering how physical Bielsa’s teams typically are, we should expect a lot of battles across the pitch. Highly unlikely that we can avoid yellows at all, including in midfield.

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