Lionel Scaloni posts on social media after news of possible exit


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has posted on social media after announcing that he could be leaving as coach of the team.

Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference after Argentina’s 1-0 win vs. Brazil at the Maracana. Scaloni stated that he would have to think about his future.

The coach posted on his Instagram a picture of the Argentina national team staff with the caption “ARGENTINA!!!!”.


  1. In any case, the AFA must negotiate with him before he leaves. After all, Scaloni is the best Argentine coach in history, given his 4-year track record. Also, with Messi about to leave, in my opinion he’s ( Scaloni) the only one who could ensure continuity without Messi. Because he knows this team better than anyone.

  2. It seems like Bielsa left !!! No Real reasons.
    With all thé trophies hé won in 4 years of coaching I think Scaloni IS the best argentina coach ever. So, for that, AFA need to negociate immediatly before losing him.
    Some reasons are:
    First WE all know he already know he build this team, who was nothing,

  3. As much as we love scaloni and co we should give credit to tapia who has played big role for Argentina to succeed
    Before he became president of AFA Argentina football was mess plus he was the one who trusted scaloni and co when everyone else was doubting because the lack of experience or no pervious coaching experience either.

  4. “Last week, now who’s already former presidental candidate Massa, asked via Chiqui Tapia for a photo with the players which would help in the elections, but they refused to do so. The pressure from Chiqui Tapia reached Scaloni and many say that this is the reason for his statements yesterday.” @GuidoBercovich

    From Albicelestes talk

  5. What is the reason of thinking of stepping down? Is not he happy with tapia. Or is he finding it very difficult to replace aged players by the young and energetic players? Or because of poor pay package by the AFA. I think all of a sudden he has told that, because after the match every player said that they are not aware of SCALONI S comment. I think there seem to be some issues with tapia. He was focusing on rebuilding the team by selecting players like GARNACHO, MAFIO, ORTEGA.

  6. Some matter I Don’t understand properly:Why Scaloni said that he is in procrastination whether he continue or not,why all of you (mundo members)don’t focus on the earlier issue which has been seen all over the world,Fifa should consider this factor stringently.

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