Real Madrid make preliminary contact for Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni


Real Madrid have made preliminary contacts to try and get Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni.

Carlo Ancelotti might not remain as Real Madrid coach next season and Madrid could be looking to replace him. According to Doble Amarilla, preliminary contacts have been made by Madrid and the German agency that represents Scaloni.

The Argentina national team coach made an announcement last week that he will be thinking about his future.


  1. What a damn waste, idiot GK literally passed the ball to that German imbecile, tyvm, when they were up 2-1..if you are going to lose by making the opponent work for it and not for free and what the heck was that 1st PK!!!
    Other than that, good future attackers🤨😐

  2. Today, for the future of Argentina, I would say change is good even better. Otherwise new players like Garnacho will be overlooked. I see there is strong Messi linked why Garnacho was not picked up for last qualifiers and he celebrated by cr7 way after long long time.

    • So Messi was behind Garnacho’s omission from the team!! Do you think Messi gives a flying fcuk about what Garnacho does or who he idolizes? If Garnacho can even reach 50% of what Ronaldo has been able to achieve then he will be a big asset to Argentina! If he doesn’t then players like him come and go every other year!

    • I don’t know which pirated site you got this info from. I always see such news that Messi is behind players like Icardi etc omitted from national team. I think we have given chances to everyone and they all looked ordinary when given a chance. Garnacho was not playing well which was the reason why he was omitted for recent qualifiers.

  3. Simply put….
    We gifted them all 3 goals…
    2 by the goalkeeper Florentín being beat 1st post and a pass give away.
    And the villalba poor attempted clearance handed an easy header.
    THEY DESERVED MORE … what a shame !

  4. Wow! What a game. Germans were physically more matured than us but still we fought. This is probably the best u17 Argentina side I have seen. Some errors in defense and finishing but still. This generation will win the next u20 WC and many more with U23 and the National Team. Future is bright. I am still looking forward to the (3rd place) last game. I dont care about u17 trophy. We may still swoop the Golden Ball and the Golden boot. Some future greats are in the making. Thank you Placente.

    • Yea, its frustrating when you outplay your opponent but also assists them for a free goals.

      I think the likes of Aguero and Julian Alvarez also competing at u17-u18 level and didnt win. However, they won silverware at higher age level. Argentina players looks so small compare to the German. Its like 15 year old vs 8 year old.

      • Today we lost in a penalty shootout but we were better even though they were physically better than us. Come U20 in 2 years we will smoke this German side.

        • Historically, Argentina has been bad at u17 level and this semi final run already equalled their previous best run in this tournament. There’s a big gap between u17 and u20 when it comes to physical maturity. Most of the African and European sides makes our players looks like midget at u17 level.

          Its crazy that Argentina have zero star at this level, yet they’re most successful team at u20 level with 6 stars. Even at Olympics which is u23 level, we had 2 gold medals.

    • All the hard work by the mid-field, forward line and some of the defenders undone by super silly mistakes by a shaky goalkeeper. The German goalkeeper, in contrast, was excellent. Hats off to him. Otherwise our boys had a wonderful field day.

      • Yea, we basically scored 3-5 goals for five consecutive games, only to lost it at semi on penalties due to silly defending. Unlike the recent senior team, these young players didnt have the mentallity and experience on the shootout. There’s no Messi or penalty specialists like Paredes and Montiel.

  5. It was like the WC22 final. What a thriller. Sad we lost in penalties & Echiveri couldnt convert. But a wonderful display by our U17 & Placente. GK looked a weakness.
    If we look at the last few youth tournaments ( U20 2019, 2023 , OLympics 2020, current U23 team ) – this U17 team is definitely the more promising.

  6. To be honest, we made multiple defensive errors. At this stage of the competition, againts decent side that posses speed & strength, you’d be punished.

    Germany goals on second half were both assisted directly by our players. In other words, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

    I hope these kids can do well at u20 WC.

  7. U17 was never our generation historically, not really interested in result, but all attacking football is russian roulette, too risky, not the winner football internationally. Its the Scaloni football, defending and stability must be the most important, ALWAYS not attack. Scaloni knows it very well, just like Deschamps who is a very conservative coach too. The worst thing what could happen for us after Scaloni a Placente, Aimar? (maybe this type of coach too) attacking oriented coach, a new Bielsa. Thats loosing football, just look Bielsa trophy cabinet. Empty. Even Pep is super caotious in big UCL matches nowadays, not like earlier when City has always lost.

    Btw overall we had the better chances today, the bigger talents (Echeverri, Ruberto) and the better team. Luck was not on our side, but this is attacking football, super risky with big variance.

    • Its also why Bielsa side losing that Copa 2004 final. Everytime we’re in front against Brazil, his team just keep attacking in numbers, playing a highline defence and would always scrambling whenever Brazil’s countering.

      Its respectable showing regardless, losing only on penalties and mostly outplaying Germany. Argentina players often looks like an infant or toddlers at this age level compare to some of the African and European sides. I guess there’s why there’s a huge gap between the u17 achievement and the u20 team achievement. Zero vs 6 stars.

        • Uruguay did not lose any steam against us. Medically 2023 is different from 2004. Players are fitter with higher endurance level. I also heard on a channel that some of our players partied the night before the Uruguay game and that did not go well with the disciplinarian Scaloni and rightfully so.

          • Yes, there were such cases and it seems Mr. Tapia had an influence on and interference into the dressing room post World Cup victory. Everyone wants their share of the success to cash on it. Scaloni knows that such influence and interference is not good for the future of this national team. This is one of the five top reasons why there is a crevice in their relation. When Mr. Tapia meets Scaloni in Spain, I pray they sort this out for good. Otherwise we would be back to 2016-18 timeframe. See what a team like Brazil is going through.

  8. Probably one of the best U17. Kudos to Augustin Ruberto. Echeverri was good but disappointing with his finishing. Acuna in midfield was excellent. Santiago Lopez absence was felt. The two Errors by goalkeeper gifted the Germans.

  9. Unlucky ! Penalty drama. Echeverri bad day, his off day, too heavy to carry the team, and missed the penalty shoot-out. However, the youths well played on this tournament. Much potential and a good player.

    Subriabe should not be replaced on the second half

  10. Wow they comeback again🔥🔥
    Echeveri is the only one making progressive paases after german 3rd echveri can make great final 3rd passes+ can score himself as well🔥🔥🔥🔥
    We have a gem in our hands

  11. Wow wow wow what a team incredible confidence and enthusiasm 👌👌
    Just watched the last 10mnts its filled my heart with joy they way the recovers the ball and moving it forward qucikly they had short passes, long balls crosses everything
    Thankyou kids u guys playing attacking brand thats even our senior boys are forgotten

  12. Super impressive stuff by our U17 boys. While we get caught at times in counters, our offense is brilliant. The interplay, ball movement & chemistry is classy. What stands out is the team is not dependent on just Echeveri. There are 3-4 really good players there. Hopefully we build on lead in 2nd half & reach finals without any hiccups

  13. We are playing so much better than Germany, but missed clear chances, Germany was so lucky against Spain too, im not really interested in result, the talents are more important.

  14. All the best to him if he ends up going to Madrid, the man won everything under the sun with Argentina and I consider him the GOAT of Argentine managers, which is especially impressive since I was one of his harshest (if not THE harshest) critics in his first year.
    With that being said I doubt Real will go for Scaloni because A.they already have their sights set on Alonzo and B. Perez isn’t exactly fond of Argentines if rumors are to be believed.

    I already mentioned before that IF Scaloni does end up leaving then Ricardo Gareca would be a decent option and I would like Placente to coach the youth team because Mascherano is awful and, as of right now, I don’t see Argentina qualifying for the olympics.

    • Alanso, plays back 3 , 2 wing backs , can’t see real Madrid playing back three nevertheless scaloni stake is very high since he is well balanced young coach I meant can play any football depending on circumstances but if Alanso end up going to Real Madrid , I see palacios following him to Madrid. BTW I’m happy to be one of the few ones has backed scaloni from day one.

      There is outside chance diego placente could end up coaching the senior team .

  15. aimar should be the next DT . AFA can promote Placente to national team together with samuel,ayala. At the same time ,placente can continue his job in u17

    Mascherano may not continue ,Then afa need another DT for u23 .IMO, Demichelis is a good choice but he may not leave river plate . I DONT THINK AFA lack of money right now

  16. Let him go ,wish him all the best . He had won everything in national team. A new era should start. it is the matter of time . IMO , if he is lack of the passion in national team ,it is better to leave right now and giving AFA more time to prepare for 2026. Copa america 2024 is just a bonus indeed.

    The same team may not be able to win copa america 2024 based on the last two matches which arent convincing at all. keeping a perfect record and leaving the best memory ,it is the right time to leave

  17. I have nothing bad to say about the man, I said all the bad things about him when he was first hired as you can imagine and ate my words once I started seeing things I never saw after 2019 COPA.
    There is such a unique PASSION that could not be replicated with just a club as opposed to playing for one’s country and especially THIS country with Messi.
    I wish him nothing but the absolute BEST and all the success in the world, he helped my fantasy become reality, he was the genie in the bottle that granted us that one wish…..etc but be that as it may, It BETTER be a damn good reason for him to bring up this NOW and WHY!!

  18. Scaloni should take a new challenge be it La Liga or Middle East or MLS…he has won everything for Argentina, when the team was in shambles and had no takers….Kudos to Scaloni and team..

    Probably Aimar be coaching the national team..

  19. I would strongly advise Scaloni to stay away from Madrid job! They have a very high bar when it comes to what a successful season is! Anything less than a Champions league or at-least a domestic league victory is considered a failure. Having said that the way he has transformed our team from COPA 2019 to the World Cup victory, he is no doubt a great manager and like everyone else once you achieve every possible trophy, you seek out new challenges! He will get better offers and contracts now than after Copa, if he fails to win it then his market value may go down. But personally,AFA should do whatever it takes to keep him, even if that means doubling his pay!

  20. This could be a wake up call to AFA and Tapia to sort out any misunderstanding about bonuses, salaries, etc. As much as I dislike Real Madrid, them knocking on your door is the highest of compliments…

    • Bro, he will go after copa America imo just two or three friendly matchs away from starting of cop America.
      I believe new era will start after copa regardless the outcome. I will always support any club he manages because what he has done for Argentina nt.

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