Nico Paz scores his first goal for Real Madrid in 4-2 win vs. Napoli


Nico Paz scored his first goal for Real Madrid in their 4-2 win vs. Napoli.

Paz was substituted in for Real Madrid in their Champions League match and the 19 year old got his first goal. With the score at 2-2, Paz would get the ball in midfield, spin around his marker and his left footed effort would beat the goalkeeper and he would score to give Madrid the 3-2 lead.


  1. Nothing amaze me more than seeing a midfielder like that.I have been waiting for him for long and this guy is top notch. Hopefully Ancelotti take care of him and hopefully he learns from Modrich,Kross .

  2. Simeone scored 11 goals in less than 1100 minutes under his Napoli career, underrated and underused but Mazzarri will use him maybe as the first CF sub, not Raspadori who is more an SS. Our third best CF clearly atm (not to mention Icardi) Beltran is a disaster so far in Fiorentina, Castellanos simply bad. I dont trust in Alejo Veliz so hopefully U17 River star Ruberto will be our next class CF after Lautaro/Julian.

    • Beltran is good , I believe his time will come, his overall play is superb only lacking goals and that is fiorentina problem for some time due Italiano’s Coaching ability in particular areas

    • Yeah i’m with Godin, Beltran is not bad, infact he does alot off the ball but hasn’t done much yet infront of goal. Hopefully though that will come with time because Fiorentina have spent alot on him and they won’t give up on him so easily.

  3. I don’t know why no one’s on this platform talking about this, but the media outlets and haters deliberate attempts to ruin Messi’s reputation are getting out of hand. Never in my life have I seen an athlete get hated for enjoying his vacation. First of all, they claim he racially abused Rodrygo. Then he cheated on his wife, unfollowed Garnacho, and fought with Lionel Scaloni, all in a matter of four days.

    It’s unfair, but the tragic part of the lot is that none of the Argentine/Barça fans care to defend their biggest footballing legend.

    • Defend him from whom and what? A bunch of jackasses who have nothing better to do than to smear others. No body cares! Messi is now widely regarded as the GOAT, he has won it all and his legend is sealed in history. No need to waste time with social media dumbassery.

  4. My only concern with scaloni is always calling 4 GK. Player like PAZ. SOULE GARNACHO should be given chance. Second sack masch. And give to Placente. We may lose in semis. But going out by scoring most goals is very good sign of attacking mind coach.. which we need for U23.

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