Argentina remain number one in the FIFA rankings


Argentina remain number one in the latest FIFA rankings.

Lionel Scaloni’s team played two matches in November. They lost the first one 2-0 vs. Uruguay and won the second one 1-0 against Brazil.

The World Cup champions are still in first place with France behind them in second. England are third, Belgium are fourth and Brazil are in fifth place.

Netherlands are in six, Portugal in seven, Spain in eight, Italy in nine and Croatia in ten.


  1. Enzo after a great world cup and strong start to his European career at Benfica was talk of the town. Because of his playmaking skills along with good finishing, he had pundits and fans compare him to next Zidane! However his move to Chelsea has been very underwhelming and now Bellingham has taken over him as the next Zidane!! His finishing is getting worse every game. His shots are wide or high or soft and straight at the keeper. His assists passes are offsides . Nothing is going good for him. He is a great player and his club’s bad form that affecting his performance. Hopefully, he ups his game and gets back to form.

  2. These ratings odd….Belgium still in top 5? Netherlands and Italy also don’t seem to belong in top 10, they are still riding on the accumulated points from way back it seems….

  3. BenjamĂ­n Rollheiser is another good winger , he has been linked to Newcastle in the last summer but there reports coming out benfica wants to sign him


    • The heir of Di Maria from next season?

      Check Benjamin Garre too, the highest rated player in russian league, tipical left footed argentine inverted winger/forward: Messi, Di Maria, Dybala, Lamela, Rollheiser, Nico Gonzalez, Garré, Soule, Luka Romero, Subiabre etc.

    • I would say they should leave a system which does not kill us life after Messi. Like should start build a system even from now which allow other players to thrive. I would say If tapia fails to convince Aimar to stay after Copa if Scaloni goes than it’s a failure or he gets Gallardo which will be highly unlikely for political reason . However I agree with Cox that still has a lot time to things to change

      • Yes u are very right about that some sort Of system should be established as things may get difficult….not so sure if Aimar & Co will remain if Scaloni leaves….also i’m with Cox, that there is still a lot Of time left…and most propably Gallardo will be hard one…just hope, that things will not go back to the point where sudenly ARG will end up changing an Coach after another….as with possible new Coach all ARG will need is firsly stability and that can be pre build as u mentioned…

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