Emiliano Martínez on Aston Villa’s Premier League title chances: “I’m a believer mate”


Emiliano Martínez spoke about Aston Villa’s Premier League chances, stating that he is a believer.

Martínez has now kept two clean sheets against Manchester City and Arsenal and the best goalkeeper in the world has helped Aston Villa reach 15 home league wins in a row. The Argentine spoke on Match of the Day about Aston Villa’s season. Here is what he had to say:

“When you beat Man City and Arsenal in a week, one game controlling them like I’ve never seen Man City being controlled, then suffering against Arsenal for 85 minutes and managing to win again… I’m a believer, mate…”.


    • Gazzaniga was very good last season and this season he is one of their best players as Girona lead the table. He is 31 now and will be 34 come 2026. Also worth keeping an eye on Jeremias Ledesma of Cadiz (30 now and 33 in 2026). Its time to give Armani a much needed rest and both Rulli and Musso are on the decline.
      Soule with another solid performance, dropping deep and orchestrating everything good for his team.
      Valentin Carboni with his first start and played well.

  1. Chelsea fans are absolutely furious! And Enzo is at the top of their list! His shooting and finishing was already below par now they are questioning his pace which isn’t good enough for a fast league like EPL. Not only He has stopped assisting , he has turned into 2018 Biglia, back and side passes. He has lost all his confidence and with Jackson as their striker, Chelsea will suffer more. MacAllister on the other hand is forced to play like Biglia while Enzo has turned himself into a mediocre CM.

    With someone with such sublime positioning failing to produce the final product is worrying! Garnacho is lacking in the final third too but he just turned 19, Enzo was supposed to be Chelsea’s Modric but neither he is able to score or assist, he isn’t able to even distribute good passes. He has been a flop at Chelsea after playing over 40 matches for them.

    • Meanwhile Alavrez is also going through a rough patch of form but due to his superior futballing IQ he always manages to sneak in a goal or an assist He is been trained good by Pep. He exactly knows when to pass shoot and cross and managed to pull a game winning cross even after having a poor first half. With Haaland out dur to injury, he will play as a striker for next couple matches and he will have to again adjust his game from no10 to no9. He is the definition of quality, form is temporary, class is permanent!

    • Enzo is an average player. He looks good when he is part of a good system, nothing more. I don’t know what you saw in him that made you call him “the new Zidane” in a couple of previous posts.

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