FC Barcelona coach Xavi speaks on potentially signing Claudio Echeverri


FC Barcelona coach Xavi spoke about potentially signing Claudio Echeverri.

Xavi held a press conference on Friday and one of the topics that was brought up was about the 17 year old River Plate youngster. The Argentine impressed on a global scale at the 2023 U17 World Cup where he was one of the best players of the tournament and stole the show when he scored a hat trick against Brazil. Here is what Xavi had to say when asked about him:

“He is a talent. Beyond the 3 goals he scored against Brazil, he’s very talented.

“He is a differential footballer, but I am not in charge of that, this is something for the scouting area.”


  1. Alvarez received no service whatsoever and instead had to keep tracking back when City lost possession. His team-mates are not just selfish snd envious but worried that he will bench them as he can play multiple positions. Pep can’t let City players treat Alvarez differently than Haaland!

    • It’s always same ..they don’t want Alvarez to score..if Alvarez playing for other clubs, he would have scored so many goals. Pep should address this jealous mentality.

    • Have been watching his games many times since the World Cup. He just isn’t very good. He can’t dribble past defenders. Rarely makes defense-splitting passes. Doesn’t score magical goals. He is a pleb. A good workhorse but does not have La Nuestra. He is never going to come anywhere near players like Maradona or Messi. Even Dybala and Lautaro are better than him at every aspect of attacking other than pressing.

  2. I’d rather see Echeverri, Barco and other youths play at a club where they will get at least semi – regular minutes, e.g. Ajax, Sporting Lisbon, Brighton, Las Palmas, something like that.

    By the way, Echeverri is another one of at least partial Basque descent like Otamendi, Goycochea, Ascacibar, Zabaleta and Olarticoechea, warrior type

  3. Evidently, Barca, Madrid and most elite European clubs would rather splash zillions to little-known Brazilians, spanish and portuguse than signing decent Argentians-Inter being the exception. Unless it is a talent to reckon like Leo or this Kid now, there is limited opportunities for talents that could ‘ve been transformed to superstars with the infrastructure, exposure and welfare assisstance of these elites. I still believe Ota, Acuna,Romero, Emi Martinez,
    Gonzalez,depaul and LoCelceo would have been more impactful in these elite clubs, though playing for elites doen’t not neccassary guarantee replication of form at NT level.
    Hope more windows will be open soon for Soule, Redondo, Barco, Romero etal.

  4. Was watching Spurs vs Forest post match analysis on espnfc and one of the expert was asked about Is Richarlison’s form good enough to convince Spurs to not buy another striker? The espn pundit didnt pull any punches. He was like, it is too little too late from Richarlison and not only Spurs should go for a new striker in January , they should look for offers from Saudi to sell him. Brazil has been going downhill since 2007 and they seem to have hit rock bottom! Players like Rodrigo, Rafinha , Martinelli, and even V.Junior are considered great players!

  5. At that age he should play for at least 1-2 more seasons in Argentina. Moving to European famous club means he’s most likely going to be bench warmer like Luka Romero. Either that or he’d be loaned right away to mid table team.

    He’s the most naturally skillful youngster in our youth side but definetely still lack physical strength. Needs to gain a bit more weight.

  6. Barca are flat broke, I don’t even think they can afford him on loan let alone buy him. Also if Echeverri goes there he’ll be rotting the bench for the rest of his days since Barca doesn’t use an enganche in their system and if Diablito wants to play upfront for them he’ll have to compete with Felix, Torres, Yamal and Raphinha for a place.
    Best thing for the little devil is to start playing regularly for River for atleast 2 seasons and prove himself and then go to europe.

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