Enzo Fernández substituted out for Chelsea with illness and possible injury


Enzo Fernández was substituted out for Chelsea with an illess and could be suffering from a chronic groin injury.

Fernández for Chelsea in their 1-1 match vs. Newcastle in the EFL Cup, a match which Chelsea would go on to win on penalty kicks. Enzo started the match but was replaced in the first half and according to coach Mauricio Pochettino, he was replaced due to an illness. Speaking after Chelsea’s match, here is what Pochettino had to say:

“He asked to go out because he was a little bit sick before the game. He suffered some problems in his stomach. He tried, he wanted to play and see if it went well. It didn’t go so well so that is why he had to come off.”

The media in Argentina is stating that it could be an injury. According to Gastón Edul, he suffers from a chronic groin injury and his recovery would either be rest or a treatment to help with the discomfort when he would play.


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