Alejo Véliz scores his first Premier League goal for Tottenham in 4-2 loss vs. Brighton


Alejo Véliz scored his first Premier League goal for Tottenham in their 4-2 loss vs. Brighton.

With Tottenham 4-0 down, the ball would fall to Véliz inside the penalty area and with the Brighton goalkeeper coming out, he would kick it with his right foot after a one-touch control and he would score. The 20-year-old striker celebrated effusively his first Premier League goal. This has been a rough season for him since, before this match, he had only played 14 minutes in six games.

Giovanni Lo Celso also entered the pitch in the second half for the Spurs, while Facundo Buonanotte started for Brighton and played 58 minutes. Tottenham’s defense suffered without Cristian Romero, who will continue to be out for the next 4-5 weeks.


    • Brazilian fans are kind of disappointed and little bit shocked. This Brazil team is god-damn average and will not win anything for next 3 to 4 years. Their young players are mediocre and over-hyped and their experienced players are injury prone. The decision to stick with Madrid and reject Brazilian offer shows why Ancelotti has been so successful over the last 2 decades!

      • Let me give some words of wisdom: never ever doubt Brazilians when it comes to soccer. They may be struggling, but they can turn things around in a blink of an eye with a B team. I have suffered my whole life learning this lesson

        • Sorin Spot on( 2007 copa America). Plus I’m relief that ancelotti will not be the brazil coach because ancelotti is very lucky in Knockout tournament like champions leagues where his team somehow win despite poor display….also remember
          A great team never underestimate his Rivals…

        • SorinXcrespO, agreed. Rivalry aside, Brazil is a football powerhouse with a huge amount of talents. One of the worst Brazil Word Cup qualifier campaigns was the 2002 WCQ and guess what? They won the trophy in the end. But this Brazil is nowhere near Argentina and Albiceleste will be the team to beat for the next few years.

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