Lionel Scaloni meets with Chiqui Tapia, will coach Argentina at the Copa America


Lionel Scaloni met with Chiqui Tapia and he will coach the Argentina national team at the Copa America.

Scaloni met with AFA president Chiqui Tapia on Monday and Scaloni will remain as coach. According to Gastón Edul, the two met on Monday and Scaloni will be the coach at the Copa America.

Speculation surrounding Scaloni’s future as coach of the Argentina national team has been going on since Scaloni himself stated that he was not sure if he would remain coaching the national team. An official statement about Scaloni’s future could be announced this week.


  1. I am really looking forward to see how Scaloni does without Messi and Dimaria, post COPA. Messi will most likely “unofficially” retire after 2024 COPA and will only play in 2026 if he is able to maintain fitness and form in 2026. If Scaloni can maintain the performance then he will be receiving big offers from Europe. His style of play is unique, his priority is defense and most importantly to not concede first while maintaining high pressing from the mids and forwards.

    • Defense wins tournaments. If you don’t concede, there is always a chance. However, he surprised us with the display in the final against France. It tells me he is a keen analyzer and ready to take an approach on a given day.

      • Not evertime. France relied on firepower in last 2 WC. They conceided 3 goals against Argentina in round 16 and twice in the final 2018. In recent WC, Argentina conceided two and three goals in quarter final and final but still won.

        For comparison, Argentina played 3 finals in 2014-2016, conceided just once in 360 minutes, but they lost because they couldnt score any.

  2. I always like Scaloni because when the times were difficult he was the one who took the national team when the big names like Simeone, Poch, Gallardo said no. But remain as a coach too long can be detrimental for his career. When the results are not good he will be the one under the critics. As a fan I would love to see him as long as possible but for his own good as a new manager he should leave the NT if he wants a big job in a big club.

    • Yes, he will make more money from club football for sure. And this is a good time for him to earn that, as the stocks are high.

      There will be time when results are not good. It will not be possible to replicate what the team achieved. Its like after winning treble in club football. We will lose some games, but need to see progress. Results depend on various factors.

      The only thing I feel negative about Scaloni is player selection or sticking to some for too long. Not sure if he would have incorporated Emi or Cuti, if not for injury.

  3. I would continue with Scaloni and the coaching staff for as long as possible, unless there is a real reason to do so. Why I say this?…

    Scaloni and this coaching staff is very adaptive. Over the last few years, we have seen several variations of the team. What is certain is the coaching staff can adapt based on the players available, opponents, state of the game etc. They are not fixated on one style, like Bielsa, which can get outdated or outwitted by someone.

    Also, if you listen to Scaloni, he had a different approach in mind which is more physical and speed based over what we actually did. So there is a post Messi era version they might have in the works, which will be great to analyze and see implemented.

    As long as the coaching staff remains humble, pragmatic and adopts to new methods and continues to win, just continue.

    • Not necesarilly I think. Until this point, Scaloni have won everything and he still was doubting to continue or not so I don’t think his continuity will depend in the Copa America result. We’ll see…

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