Boca Juniors reportedly interested in Luka Romero from AC Milan


Some Italian media outlets are stating that Boca Juniors would be interested in Luka Romero on loan from AC Milan.

The 19-year-old Argentine is not having much playing time at his club and it is known that Boca Juniors are looking for a winger. The Argentine club would have offered a loan deal for one year without a purchase option for Romero. According to journalist Gastón Edul, it will not be an easy deal since there are already 2 European clubs that are in advanced negotiations for the player.


  1. Feel for him considering the hype around him even as a 14 year old kid. Sadly, his level is Chile or Paraguayan league at best.
    Julio Malatani, RB from Defensa has signed for Werder Bremen. He was part of the the Olympic qualifying squad but Werder Bremen wouldn’t let him go and CONMEBOL wouldn’t let AFA bring in a replacement player. Thankfully, Brighton have allowed Barco to take part in the tournament, but only because Barco will only play with the reserves and will only be taken into account from next season.
    Bologna is pushing hard to sign Castro from Velez, who is also part of the squad, and if Bologna do sign him this month then AFA could also lose another player and will not be in a position to replace him either.
    Atletico is ready sign Facundo Medina but only if they don’t sign Almada, and they will sign Almada only if Correa agrees to move to Saudi. This is so because Atletico have only one Non EU spot available.
    Facundo Medina moving to Atletico will also pave the way for Alvaro Barreal moving to RC Lens.
    Monaco are looking to sign Franco Mastantuono from River. River Plate will not let this happen especially after losing Echeverri. Also, it is understood that River believes Mastantuono will be a bigger player than Echeverri and hence were happy to get the big sum from Echeverri’s sale and didn’t put much effort to thwart his move.

    • Mastantouno is nowhere near to Echeverri in talent. River wanted to extend his contract with new release clause (50 mills) but Echeverri denied it. Monaco want Mastantouno for minimal money maximum.

  2. Players like Luka Romero and Thiago Almada can not survive in modern european club football. They are not strong and fast, so they can’t play winger. They can’t defend and play B2B, so they can’t play midfield. No clubs will have #10 position for a small-sized technical attacking midfield, unless you are as talented as Messi or Dybala.

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