Éver Banega to join Newell’s Old Boys, ends Al Shabab contract


Éver Banega will join Newell’s Old Boys, having ended his contract with Al Shabab.

Banega will be going back to Newell’s Old Boys. According to César Luis Merlo, the 35 year old has rescinded his contract with Al Shabab in Saudi Arabia and will put pen to paper on Thursday with his former club.

His contract would be until 2025 with an option to add an additional year. The Argentine played four years in Saudi Arabia, joining them in 2020 from Sevilla. He previously played with Newell’s Old Boys back in 2014, where he was on loan.


    • He probably figures he’s nearing retirement and wants to play with less pressure in his native Rosario for a season or two…

      He won some decent trophies in his career in Europe and made some decent money while in Saudi.

      I like these stories of returning home, to your roots but in Argentina he is a lot more associated with his Boca days I guess…

      • I know… but there is still a lot of pressure in the clubs from Rosario. Usually before the clasicos between Central and Newell’s they threaten to death to at least one player

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