Lionel Scaloni comments on the Argentines playing in Serie A


Lionel Scaloni commented on the Argentines playing in Serie A.

The Argentina national team coach gave an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport and talked about Leandro Paredes, Paulo Dybala, Nicolás González, Lucas Beltrán and Lautaro Martínez.

Here is what he had to say about Dybala:

“I love Dybala like a brother because he is a good boy. When he plays seven, eight games in a row, his performances change for the better and the team benefits from it.

“Unfortunately, he has not had continuity, but I always want him in the group. He is useful even when he is not at his best.”

Scaloni later spoke about another Roma player, Paredes:

““”He struggles when the team doesn’t have possession of the ball and they have to chase the opponent around the field. For us, he is a special midfielder who controls the tempo of our game, but if you ask him to chase others on the field…”

He also complimented Lautaro Martínez and the great season he is having with Inter:

“Now that he has taken charge of the team, I think his time has come. He knows that Inter depends a lot on him. I see him well, mature, and we love him very much because he is a good guy who has always given us a lot, even when he wasn’t healthy. I will always thank him for the contribution he has given us.”

About the Fiorentina players Nicolás González and Lucas Beltrán, here is what he had to say:

“Nico is a versatile wild card. With us, he played as a striker and as a winger on the left and right. But he has to grow from one point of view: physically. He can’t get injured that often, he has to understand how to manage his body. Beltrán is a great striker, he just needs time to adapt.”

In regards to Matías Soulé:

“Matías Soulé? Matías represents the present and the future of the national team and deserves the call because he is doing very well. I have not called him up yet but he could easily join.”

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