Lionel Scaloni confirms he will continue coaching Argentina


Lionel Scaloni confirmed he will continue coaching the Argentina national team.

Speaking with the Italian media, Scaloni was asked about his future as Argentina’s coach. Even though he didn’t mention whether he plans to stay after the Copa America or not, he stated that for now he will remain coaching the national team:

“There has been a lot of talk about my future, but I always told the truth. It was a time to think and know what to do. It had not been a farewell; it was simply thinking about how to continue on the national team. It was also a time to give space to young people and that was important to us. It was a moment of reflection.”

When asked about Lionel Messi’s continuity in the national team, here is what Scaloni had to say:

“Leo will continue until he says otherwise. I will not be the one saying that he does not come anymore. I think he will continue especially because he is happy on a soccer field. We always say that he has to continue until he can’t take it anymore because the after is going to be very hard.”


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