Carlos Alcaraz to Juventus on a loan with buy option


Carlos Alcaraz joins Juventus on a loan with an option to buy.

Alcaraz is joining Juventus from Southampton. According to Fabrizio Romano, the 21 year old joins Juventus from Southampton and he is doing his medical in London.

He joins them on loan and Juventus have an option to buy for €40 million. The Argentine is going to wait for his visa and travel to Turin.


  1. De Paul
    Lo Celso
    … you are looking at the best midfield in the world !! Yes in the world… and obviously, they don’t need to be more creative than there currently are because their level of creativity or lack there of has won us a World Cup, a Copa America and a finallisma already. And with them, we can do it again.

    • DePaul is doing great. Paredes I have mixed feelings. Echeverri is great but still young. Garnacho is a winger not midfielder, he is doing just ok. However his spot is not secure and I won’t be surprised to see Garnacho being dropped in favour of likes of Rollheiser, Soule or Gianluca prestianni. Furthermore fit Nico Gonzalez will always be safe bet for Scaloni.
      I wish you added likes of Varela, Redondo, Equi Fernandez. I believe in 2 years time those three in 1-2 years will be very important for Argentina.

  2. Since lo celso is injury prone we need good b2b midfielder who plays big club and performe well so yeah I hope alcaraz move to juve work well for him.
    BTW but some respect to Rodrigo de Paul name the guy don’t miss much club and country, he is playing well now for his club plus he always performe in Argentina shirt, reliable player

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