Julián Álvarez scores twice for Manchester City in 3-1 win vs. Burnley


Julián Álvarez scored twice for Manchester City in their 3-1 win vs. Burnley on matchday 22 of the Premier League.

On the day he turned 24 years old, “the Spider” had a great performance and reached seven
goals in his last seven games. In the 16th minute, he opened the scoring with a header just inside the goal area.

Only six minutes later, Julián scored the second goal of the game after an assist from Kevin De Bruyne coming from a free kick. The Argentine striker made a fast well-timed run and finished with his right foot towards the far side and into the back of the net.

Álvarez has had outstanding performances starting for Manchester City, while Erling Haaland has been recovering from an injury. Now that the Norwegian is fit again, we will see in what position is Pep Guardiola going to play the Argentine.


  1. MLS teams don’t seem to take defending extra seriously. The number of goals they concede is mind boggling. Concept of tight defense doesn’t exist in the US. They are more interested in scoring goals. Look at the 2023 MLS table and the goals conceded by the top ten teams is insane! On top of that , MLS had a three months long break! Saudi league has been going on for-ever. When you haven’t played any soccer for 3 straight months then looking fragile is normal for the a team that finished 2nd from the bottom, last season.

    CONMEBOL is interested in inviting MLS team to Libertadores but with no body interested in defending MLS teams will draw no crowd. And when Messi is gone, it will go back to high-school league again!

    • Sadly, Messi doesnt care about winning another Ballon and stuff like that. He’s basically just want to enjoy life with his family.

      If you look at his social media post, he always looks kid in candy store everytime its time for national team matches, and that’s pretty much the only thing cares now outside his family.

      Like you said, 3 months break is a joke. Like today’s NBA, the MLS players are just bunch of overpaid athletes.

    • Its still nothing more than glorified friendlies. Not to mention its between two unimportant clubs.

      Lets face it, Beckham doesnt really tries to build a proper team here. Inter Miami is busy buying famous names just to sell tickets instead of strengthening their midfield and defence.

      Look at how Di Maria and his Benfica team destroyed Al nassr, with ease. That’s gives you an idea how bad Inter Miami actually is.

  2. Looks like Alejo Veliz is going to be joining Sevilla on loan until June, that’s a decent move if he recovers soon enough and gets regular minutes after that.

    Marco Pellegrino moved Salernitana

  3. Agustin Ruberto scored his first senior goal for River. River couldn’t get some of the players they targeted in attack, which means they will have to rely on youngsters like Ruberto, Mastantuono, Subiabre and Echeverri as back ups. Make or break season for the kids.
    Fran Barido has joined Juventus youth team from Boca. Hugely talented and eligible for Croatia as well so AFA has to keep tabs on him.
    Tevez has included 16 year old Tomas Parmo in his squad. Another exceptional talent. But only time will tell how they pane out.
    Federico Redondo is edging closer to Inter Miami after Olympiakos decided not to sign him.

    • Redondo signing for Inter Miami is disastrous news. That kid deserves a natural progression in Europe, not some sh**show with money flying everywhere kind of club.

  4. River wonder kid Mastantuono is playing really well. His trickery, willingness to take on, space is excellent. He’s is unlucky yet to score. I think he could be super star player for Argentina….

  5. Julián Álvarez has 25 G+A in 32 games for Manchester City this season , I saw some guys complaining Julian Alvarez form lately , if you guys think every Argentine player to be like messi than you have serious problem 😉
    Julian Alvarez has been sensational for club and country weather it’s River, man City and Argentine. He is a great team player with versatility.

    • It was me. Haaland has been gone for over 2 months now (?) and Alavrez hasn’t been able to capitalize on it especially in EPL. His form dipped when Haaland got injured and Pep played him in different positions in same match many times, sometimes no9, or winger or in KDBs positions and add to that his selfish team-mates. He has 8 goals in 21 matches with 6 assist but he could have done better in the scoring department for sure.

      • Both Lautaro and Alvarez are doing fine for the club. The problem is they haven’t scored in ages for Argentina. One needs to break the bad spell and claim the starting spot.

    • Great team player, versatile, hard-working – no doubt. He also is a valuable member of whatever team he is a part of.

      But he does not have La Nuestra. He does not have what we have come to love about Argentine football. He can’t go past defenders. No flair or trickery or creativity. And most of his goals and assists are very straight-forward.

      Forget about Messi and Maradona, he can’t even match the likes of Di Maria, Riquelme, Batistuta, Dybala in terms of beautiful football. If I may slightly twist the words of The Legend – he is not the footballer I would pay to watch.

      He is a pack horse. Not a mustang. But pack horses have their use and I wish him every success.

      • Such nonsense. He does his job as a striker/forward and does it so well, put the ball in the back of the net. How many World Cups did Bati, Roman win ? Or what where would we have been without his effort and goals in the world cup.

      • I agree with you but because of what you said he is very good for Argentina. The reason is that we often have *too many* tricky flash players and not enough to do the grunt, smart work. He’s a hard worker and a smart poacher that fits well in almost any time. Someone said he reminds of Thomas Mueller. I think that’s right.

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