Franco Mastantuono becomes River Plate’s youngest goal scorer


Franco Mastantuono became River Plate’s youngest goal scorer, surpassing Javier Saviola’s record.

The 16-year-old scored his team’s second goal in their 3-0 win in the Copa Argentina. Via ESPN, Mastantuono also became the second youngest goal scorer in the history of Argentine football. Diego Maradona, who scored with Argentinos Juniors when he was 16 years and five days old, remains in first place, followed by Mastantuono, who now shares second place with Sergio Agüero. They both scored when they were 16 years and 177 days old.

The young Argentine has began to play with River Plate’s first team in 2024. Per reports, coach Martín Demichelis was pleasantly surprised with the player’s performance during the preseason training sessions and games.

After yesterday’s game, Mastantuono received the player-of-the-match award and said the following about his connection with the club:

“Since I arrived in River in 2019, every time I score a goal, I kiss the club’s badge. It was the club that put food on my table when I was a kid. It was a great emotion (When I scored), a lot of things went through my head, it made me want to cry. It is a dream that came true for me.”

As soon as Claudio Echeverri left to join Manchester City, another young player with huge potential appeared in River Plate.


  1. C’mon guys, you’ve only named a few players and left out incredible talents like:
    Di María
    C. Romero
    Mac Allister
    Dibu Martinez
    Sergio Romero

    Gotta stop being so biased towards only River Plate.

    • you like it or not Bostero RIVER PLATE is the best Argentine club. Not only in the present but in the past too. we have produced the highest number of young talents for national team and not only AND we have the best academy system in Argentina and one of the top academy in the world. Now give us a brake and stop repeat the same. Your team was always in philosopphy win at all cost. RIVER PLATE was always even with the worst roster we had trying to play football. Don t provoke me more. i was fine in my peace.

      • Get over your delusional fantasies. What are you, 15 years old?

        The top 5 NT players ever (heck, even the top 10) and not even one of them was produced by River. Boludo!

        I actually like River, and all Argentine clubs, but it’s delusional/biased people like you that make neutrals (and lovers of fútbol in general) begin to dislike particular clubs.

  2. We survive for another day. God Bless the Redondo clan😊 & it can be a winner takes it all showdown with Brazilians. Best case scenario is Venezuela- Brazil game also being a draw.
    – we showed a pattern of starting the half strong & then faded off. Paraguay waited for us to slow down & then capitalized in both halves.
    – Solari, Castro are not 90min players. They should be subbed much earlier. Even Almada struggled towards end & i think it was his mispass that led to 3rd goal. Masche needs to brings subs early. Its always late changes
    – Brey is average. Did occasional good saves. But a clinical opposition will most likely score against him. I think we dominated game & showed skills. But Paraguayans were clinical.
    – Hope Nardoni is back for final game. I read a Gaston Edul tweet that Barco is back for Brazil game.
    – Almada is a cool penalty taker. He for sure is an extra time sub in Copa America knockout games.

  3. 3:3 great resilience to come back. We are still undefeated. Still have some hope. We should beat Brazil. I dont like Mashcherano as a coach but still hoping.

    • 1.1 at end of 1st half. We slowly lost momentum after a strong first 25mins where we couldnt convert more. Badly need 3 points today or we are virtually out. Very crucial next 45minutes. Nardoni injured. Hopefully some good sub moves like Echeverri makes the difference.

  4. The March friendlies in China are likely to be cancelled, because Communist China disliked Messi’s behaviors in Hong Kong last week. Our GOAT has suddenly become a national enemy on Chinese social media and in the press.

    We SHOULD 100% minimize dealings with the capricious and hypersensitive Chinese authoritarian regime. In the eyes of a tyrannical state, Messi’s refusal to shake hands with Hong Kong’s government officials is a felony crime.

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