Argentina U23 team draw 3-3 vs. Paraguay


The Argentina U23 team drew 3-3 against Venezuela.

Javier Mascherano’s team took an early 1-0 lead with Pablo Solari scoring just minutes into the match. Diego Gomez would draw Paraguay level.

Paraguay took the lead in the second half and Thiago Almada would draw level, scoring off a penalty kick. Enso Gonzalez scored in the 90th minute for Paraguay but Federico Redondo would prove to be the hero, scoring seven minutes into extra time.

Argentina are in second place and play Brazil in the final match.


  1. I don’t know if am the only one annoyed with Redondo link to Inter Miami. Even if it’s about pleasing Messi, MLS should be the last place for such young talent to go. I hope he gets courage to reject that offer. Look at Almada’s case: he was desperate to sign for European club, but no single club approached for him this January transfer window. It pains me same is happening to Redondo and I pray someone close to him changes his mind. Unless he is serious about his football career, he should avoid MLS and Saudi League and focus on moving to Europe.

    • Exactly, almada and now redondo proofs that european ranks brasil much higher than us.
      Sad to say , if redondo was brasilian than real, barca, bayern, arsenal, juventus might run after him…

  2. I don’t think we can blame Mascherano. They played some good football. We were let down big time by Solari (I blame Masche for starting him continuously), who is very very poor and Castro (Velez must be thanking the gods that Bologna bought him before this tournament).
    But this is the general state of Argentine football, no quality forwards on the horizon.
    Brazil vs Argentina will be a cracker. Brazil are compact defensively and Endrik will be more than handful for our average looking defense. Brazil need just a draw, while Argentina have to win.

  3. It will be Argentina vs Brazil. Winner will go to Olympics. I just saw the highlights, created lots of good chances. Should have scored minimum 5 goals. People still blaming coach, but in last 2 matches, we created lots of chances should have won both game easily…

  4. On a happier note, seeing her highness throw a tantrum was candy to my eyes today. I was just talking about that yesterday and the ultimate prima donna didn’t disappoint……..GOD willing more humiliations and tantrums to follow 😉

  5. Two things, ARG should have 4 points by now because that was NO foul but of course the same ole bullshit that seems to always hunt this nation and phantom calls.

    Call me ignorant, but I am SURE there are a WHOLE LIST of coaches much better qualified to run this team than Masche!!!!!!!

    This U23 team is a PROPER team, Unlike the one that played in the WC, but the coaching is mediocre and that idiot GK has rubber for hands…..and with all honesty should beat Brazil but you never know, phantom calls, masche playing a winger as a defensive back or a green alien lands and distracts the players

  6. Brazil looks very beatable. I’m hopping Echeverri starts. Unfortunately, Redondo misses the match against Brazil but Valentin Barco is back.

    • Its like a timeout where the player would come off the pitch for a certain period and come back, as a kid in school, my PE teacher used to do that with us whenever one of us got annoyed or pissed and would take us off to cool down before going back into the game.

  7. The midfield looked really dominant, controlling, easily moving the ball outside the back to the front. I thought Thiago Almada was outstanding; he was responsible for Paraguay’s 2 last goals but can’t really blame him for the first. Redondo was good too though his long range passing needs improvement.

    The forwards Solari and Castro were ineffective. They were unable to find space when there should have been a lot as we kept transitioning quickly, zipping the ball smoothly to the front.

    Echeverri was very good once he came on and Mascherano should start him. Looks like Mascherano is the typical Argentine NT coach who is too cautious with young players.

    Overall we were the much better team. I think the result was a fluke. Very entertaining.

    • The problem is that the midfield moved the ball too much. Compared to that Paraguay was quite quick with their counter attacks which led to more dangerous attacks.

      • Hmm, I understand what you are saying and it’s a tendency we have to overplay the cute passes rather than go for the kill which makes us predictable allows the opponent to get set defensively but I didn’t see it in this match. The mid was mixing it up and penetrating with real threats. I think the forwards failed to find space.

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