Ángel Correa scores twice and assists for Atlético Madrid in 5-0 win vs. Las Palmas


Ángel Correa scored twice and assisted for Atlético Madrid in their 5-0 win vs. Las Palmas on matchday 25 of La Liga. The 28-year-old was the man of the match and received a 9.5 Sofascore rating.

In the 20th minute, Correa intensely pressed a Las Palmas defender and stole the ball. On a 2 vs. 1 occasion, he passed it to Marcos Llorente, who scored the 2-0 without any pressure.

Just minutes into the second half, the Argentine received a headed pass near the penalty spot. Without letting the ball bounce, he volleyed it to the back of the net and converted the 3-0.

Ten minutes later, Atlético Madrid was awarded a penalty and Correa grabbed the ball to execute it. He kicked to the left and, even though the goalkeeper dived to that side, Ángel managed to make it 4-0 for Atletico.

Nahuel Molina started the match and Rodrigo De Paul entered the pitch in the 62nd minute for Atlético Madrid, while Máximo Perrone played the first 57 minutes for Las Palmas.


  1. Angel Correa is 3rd striker in pecking order at Atletico. He is just a backup player and have failed to impress. He will be back to bench again. We should look away from him and invest in youth.

    MacAllister, is bossing at Liverpool. His stats doesn’t do any justice to his performance . He has played a huge role in Liverpool challenging for the title. The goal today was a class goal and hopefully he gets to play more attacking role.

    Alvarez might have 25G/A this season but unfortunately its not enough to guarantee him a starting spot at City any more. He was the only player subbed by City today at 60th min. He failed to capitalize Haaland’s absence and now it is looking like he will have to fight for mins on the pitch. Pep sold Raheem Sterling and developed Alavrez into a complete opposite of Sterling. All Alavrez does now is look for a team mate in better position. The number of shots he takes has gone down a lot. He needs to play a bit selfish but Pep has clearly instructed him to not go for goal like Haaland and Debrune and instead look for them. Haaland , KDB, Foden, Doku , B.Silva are all ahead of him in pecking order. We can’t afford to have our ace striker play a Angel Correa role at City. He needs to up his game and take more shots at goal. Haaland missed so many chances today, had Pep played Alavrez in that position, he could have atleast score one out of those 11 chances.

    • Don’t agree with you on Julian, with 15 goals and 7 assists this season I think he’s done quite well. Now has he set the world on fire? No he hasn’t. Can he do better in terms of goals? Yup he can but overall he’s done quite well otherwise Pep would not have used him as often as he has.
      As for Haaland , KDB, Foden, Doku , B.Silva all being ahead of him in pecking order, well that’s not true, atleast no according to stats especially when you consider that Julian has played more minutes in the premier league this season than anyone on the team! Yes even more so than Ederson the GK! That is especially telling considering how often Pep likes to rotate.

      Regarding Correa, yeah I agree, I don’t see much of a place for him even though I really like him but it’s time to give Garnacho and Soule a try on the right side of the attack.

      • The injury to KDB and Grealish & Mahrez and Gundigaan leaving City gave Alvarez more opportunities in the beginning of the season and he did quite well initially. But for the last 3 months or so his game has gone down hill due to his poor form and Pep playing him different positions every match. With KDB and Haaland back he is already rotated. He sat out the last Champions league match and only played 60 odd mins against Chelse and was subbed out when City desperately needed a goal! Going forward, he has to find his scoring boots otherwise he will lose the trust of his Coach as the season is entering a phase where margin for error is zero!

        • Why are you always so critical what were you expecting from Alvarez to be like messi, score hat trick every match come on man be realistic Julian Alvarez did so well. Do you know how hard to be man City player Let it a lone playing and competing with world class players. Give the guy break

          • Because if played in proper position and with proper service, Alvarez can definitely outshine Foden and challenge Haaland as a undisputed striker at City! I am surprised everyone here is okay watching Alvarez getting outshine by Foden Doku . You guys’ expectations of Alvarez might be low but I definitely don’t want him to play a second fiddle to Doku Foden Grealish B.Silva and if with proper service , less selfishness & jealousy from his team-mates he can goals similar number of goals like Haaland! I am not happy to see his team-mates like Foden outshining him when he is clearly a better alround player.

      • If Messi goes down with an injury or needs rest (as he surely will), it would be interesting to see Alvarez and Lautaro on the pitch at the same time. Alvarez playing as a 2nd striker can link up a lot in Midfield and provide lots of goals.


  2. Our midfielder is cooking again, paredes, de Paul, macca and enzo all have been good form in recent matches can’t wait palacios to come back strong after his hamstring injury

    • Yep, caught the Chelsea vs City match and Enzo was good.
      We also have pretty good backups in Paredes, Lo Celso.
      Between our defense, mid, and attack, the mid is by far the strongest.

    • Don’t forget Nico Dominguez, Robertone (even if Almeria is going down!) and Varela. Infact right now I’d have those 3 well ahead of Paredes (doing alright at Roma but the guy was a HUGE let down in the WC), Celso (the guy is world class but is sadly made of glass! Forget about him) and Palacios (also injury prone and cannot be relied on, which is sad because he’s been on fire for NeverKusen).

      • Nico Dominguez is a decent candidate. He easily integrated to one of the toughest leagues in the world. He was part of Scaloni’s team plan alongcwith Palacios backing up LoCelceo and Parades. His consistency especially in his post injury spell is impressive. Aparently,Palacios, Nico Gonzalez and LoCelceo injury record won’t end by generating Macca and Fernandez talent only, but also for all of the load of younger talents blossoming in different corners (Almada,Soule etal). Hope Martinez’s recurrences end soon.

      • Paredes came into the world cup in really bad form. He’s a good, tough option to have . I haven’t watched enough of those other mids you mentioned.

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