Alexis Mac Allister scores for Liverpool in 4-1 win vs. Brentford


Alexis Mac Allister scored for Liverpool in their 4-1 win vs. Brentford.

Mac Allister had a solid match for Liverpool. Playing 83 minutes, the 25 year old was one of the best players on the pitch.

With Liverpool leading 1-0, the Argentine received the ball inside the penalty area, skipped passed his marker and toe poked it for his second goal in the Premier League.


    • Great to hear that as i managed to see only some part of the game and missed his goal, though as u said he clearly was playing more in advanced role and played well etc…

      As most likely or maybe more as possibility at least we might see Xabi Alonso replacing Klopp who if i have understood right will leave after this season…, well, well and if so and that would be the case…then, i would like Palacios to move with his current coach if Alonso opt’s to move to Anfield, though firstly i wish Palacios most well recovery and, that he would be able for Scaloni to participate in COPA if, Scaloni has him in his plans…etc…

      • Mac can play almost anywhere in mid. Highly versatile and intelligent. It’s great having Mac and Enzo in mid cause both are solid in every aspect. RDP as the box-to-box mid who covers tons of space is the perfect complement.

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