Federico Redondo joins Inter Miami from Argentinos Juniors


Federico Redondo has joined Inter Miami from Argentinos Juniors.

The club from Florida announced his signing today through their social media:

“We have officially signed Argentine U-23 National Team defensive midfielder Federico Redondo to a contract running through the 2027 MLS season, with a club option for 2028.”

Redondo expressed his gratitude to his new club for trusting him and talked about what he can bring to the team due to his characteristics:

“I am thrilled to join a club that is growing so rapidly. I strive to assist my team in controlling possession and act as a link between defense and attack, providing balance both offensively and defensively.”

The 21-year-old also commented about Major League Soccer and its growth:

“The MLS is expanding significantly, and I believe it is on track to become one of the best leagues in the world.”


  1. Redondo is a fabulous ralent. Several clubs in Europe were and still are interested in him. It’s a short stop for him in the MLS a move designed by his father. Atlantic on the other hand are playing hardball over the sum they want which has deterred several clubs. Veladco us another that needs to exit MLS.

  2. I don’t know why NICOLAS PAZ is staying at Madrid. He is a super talented player. But he is not getting his due at Madrid. He seems to be happy playing for real Madrid b team. It seems to me he is killing his talent by staying at real. By watching toni Kroos in the practice he won’t be another world cup winner. Game time is very much important for his growth. LUKA ROMERO, MAXIMO PERRONE, MATIAS SOULE, ENZO BARRENCHHIA, VALENTINE CARBONI all of them have gone to smaller clubs on loan and they have become fundamental. The same can happen with him . The entire world know how talented he is, but still no European club is eager to take him. The same thing is happening with FEDERICO REDONDO AND THIAGO ALMADA. Though we have some great young players at his position, but I think after LIONEL MESSI, CLAUDIO ECHHE VERY AND NICOLUS PAZ are the best players we have for ARGENTINA NATIONAL TEAM.

  3. I am torn on this one. On one hand, he’s going to a club that is building something new and exciting and there’s nobody better to mentor him than Busquets cause Redondo’s style is basically a mix of his father and Busquets. On the other, MLS is still subpar quality wise, to say the least, and given that it is taking Almada forever to get out (will he ever?), I am concerned about Redondo’s future prospects. Let’s face it, if it was any other club in MLS we would all lament it big time but Inter Miami has that allure, perhaps a misleading one. Personally, I would have been much more content if Redondo was signed by clubs the calibre of Sporting Lisbon, Girona, Bologna, Lazio, etc. For now, Miami it is, one of the best places in the world to live in and learning at the feet of giants like Messi and Busquets.

    • I haven’t watch him play in the Argentine domestic league so I can’t tell how much potential he has. He is 21, by this age you can pretty much tell if he has the skills needed to become a good player. No clubs from any tier European league showing any interest also says a lot about him. But I still feel that he should have hold off and played a couple more seasons in Argentina and seek out a move to Europe. The only positive about this move is that every match he plays , he will have the attention of the global media and if he can impress and partner well with Busquets, which doesn’t seem to be that hard in a subpar league with almost no concept of defense , he can get a call-up to the national team and if he impresses there then he could secure a move to Europe.

      Regarding Almada, the only way he can get out of MLS is also by finding a way to make a comeback to the national team and perform in the Copa America. But right now he far below in the pecking order. We have abundance of competent mids led by MacAllister, Enzo, Depaul, Lo-celso, Palacios and their back ups Paredes and Guido have the experience that can keep him out of the Copa squad.

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