Argentina national team home kit for 2024 Copa America leaked


The Argentina national team home kit for the 2024 Copa America has been leaked in a photoshoot.

Argentina will be defending their Copa America title in July and July in the United States and the new home kit has been leaked. Footy Headlines has tweeted out pictures of the new kit.

With the iconic sky blue and white colors, the AFA badge, the three stars, the Champions crest and the Adidas logo are all in gold. The shorts are white with sky blue on the side.

White socks with gold AFA and Adidas font colors make up the bottom half of the kit. The pre-match warm up shirt and jacket were also leaked.


    • Yes, Mac scores, he assists, he defends, can play almost anywhere in midfield and even wide and is consistent and NOT injury prone. He played well in the WC final and plays for a more successful club.

      And I am a Lo Celso fan from way back…

      • McAllister is one of the most inteligent players, if not only next to Messi. Other attributes wise, not sure if he is as skilled as Lo celso. Had it not been for the injury streaks Lo celso would stand next to Leo ‘n Di Maria interms of skills,dribbles, visions and as hard worker as Mascherano and de paul. Alas, he will end up as one of the talents that miserably failed to maximize thier potential like Aimar and co. Hope he would offset it by his coaching career like the later.

  1. Roma vs Brighton is good match to watch it today. Hopefully Barco, Buonanotte ,Dybala and paredes all starts for thier respective Clubs

  2. Not happy with this one or it’s away version.
    This year Adidas made great jerseys for everyone except us. Look at the new peru away jersey, like wowi. And the Germany and Italy look great. Adidas will win this round of kit battles vs Nike, but as for Argentina they got lazy and went the route of 2016 and 2010: “here are a couple stripes and a logo”
    First jersey not getting since 2010

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