Alexis Mac Allister scores for Liverpool in 1-1 draw vs. Manchester City


Alexis Mac Allister scored a penalty for Liverpool in their 1-1 draw vs. Manchester City on matchday 28 of the Premier League.

With the Citizens winning by one, the Reds were awarded a penalty in the 50th minute. Mac Allister took it by shooting hard and across. The goalkeeper dived there but couldn’t prevent the Argentine’s goal.

In the last play of the game, Liverpool’s number 10 received a kick to his chest by Jérémy Doku inside City’s box but the referee didn’t sanction the foul.

Julián Álvarez started for Manchester City as a left-winger and was substituted in the 68th minute.


  1. Messi up until the penalty miss agaisnt Poland didn’t look confident but after that miss his body language totally changed. He didn’t look like he was going to miss any!! Imagine slowy rolling the ball into the net in a penalty shootout in the final of a world cup! Not to mention the the top corner penalty against Croatia.

    • I think he must have practised a lot as part of the training during the WC, plus apparently Dibu and Rulli advised our players too, hence Messi smashing his penal high vs Croatia and Dybala scoring through the middle in the final shootout. Both were as a result of internal discussion apparently…

  2. Out of context.. who have high chance of winning Euro 2024 ? My is France….
    Semifinalist France England, Portugal/Spain/Germany/Netherlands any 2 from these 4.. i don’t see any chance with Italy…
    Everything will be decide by R16 and path to finals…

  3. We have a lot of good penalty shooters in case we get into a shootout.

    MacAllister, Dybala, Paredes, Montiel (if he is in), Alvarez, Enzo. Messi isn’t too bad either.

    • Like wtf are you even blabbering about? Messi is an average shooter but those bums are reliable?

      Messi is the reason your insolvent nation ever got close to the WC. Respect him

      • WTH is wrong with you? Messi is the greatest ever at a lot of things, but penalty is not one of them. MacAllister (92%), Dybala (88%, 100% in past 3 years), Paredes (100%) have much better conversion rate from penalties than Messi (77%). So they are better…. at penalties.

        It is not disrespect to acknowledge truth.

        • So you honestly think these players have taken as much penality as Messi? Not even their combined penalties with out mentioning the classic and elite teams (UCL,WC,COPA etal) along with thier world class goalies he would score unlike some regular league clubs. Plus, I personally would rate a conversion rate of 8/10 way higher than 2/2 also justifying why he topped them all in the NT penality takers pecking order. Point is “Leo is not only ”not bad P.taker”, but as great as any of the best Penality kickers in the current NT.

  4. Exe Palacios among the Leverkusen players vs Wolfsburg:

    Assist 🎯
    1st in recoveries [9] 🛡️
    1st in completed long passes [7/8] 🎯
    2nd in completed passes [142] ✅
    2nd in chances created [3] 🌟
    2nd in touches [156] 👟

    • 📊 | @sudanalytics_

      Alexis Mac Allister among Liverpool players against Manchester City:

      Goal ⚽️
      1st in shots [4] 🔫
      1st in fouls suffered [3] ⚔️
      1st in recoveries [11] 🔄
      1st in duels won [8/13] 💪
      1st in passes into the final third [25] 🎯

      An incredible performance, absolute standout.

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