Thiago Almada scores for Atlanta United in 4-1 win vs. New England


Thiago Almada scored for Atlanta United in their 4-1 win vs. New England.

Almada got his first goal of the season, a penalty kick. Atlanta United were awarded a penalty kick and it was Almada who took it, kicking to the goalkeeper’s right and the goalkeeper diving the wrong way and he would give Atlanta United the 1-0 lead.

The Argentine had 11 goals in 31 league matches last season, scoring 13 in 35 matches in all competitions.


    • He is always injured like Locelso and Dybala and even after he came back from injury he was on the bench for a long stretch of matches because He has been in poor form for a while now. With Garnacho lurking in the background and able to play on both flanks like Nico, I won’t be a bit surprised if Scaloni picks the former for the Copa over latter!

  1. Brilliant assist from Palacios, he is back. Form watcher:

    Macallister 5/5 top3 midfielder itw
    Paredes 4/5 his best form since Copa 21 (close to 4,5/5)
    Lo Celso 3,5/5 always injured but played good in those very limited minutes
    Enzo 3,5/5 could do much better (closer to 3/5)
    De Paul 4/5 his form dipped a bit in last 3-4 matches (4,5/5 earlier)
    Palacios 4,5/5 before the injury (close to 5/5)
    Almada 4/5 constantly good in MLS, the best player in Preolimpico (close to 4,5/5)
    Guido 3,5/5 before his injury, now is playing again
    Varela 4,5/5 a real revelation in Porto

      • Stop being overconfident. 2024 might be a big reality check to all big giants in Copa America. Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and of course should never be underestimated

    • Yes, I agree 2006 was the last time we had so many good midfielders. Regarding Enzo, if you minus the finishing he is still playing great with the mediocre Chelsea team. He has the highest number of progressive passes but he is unable to take advantage of his supreme positioning due to poor finishing.

      • 2006 mid was very good: Riquelme, Cambiasso, Aimar, Verón, Maxi Rodríguez, Mascherano. Did I miss anyone?

        2006 more pure talent but this mid more balanced with almost all solid in most areas. The only balanced mid in 2006 was Cambiasso.

        Maybe just a reflection of modern football with less individual genius and more teamwork and balance.

    • Looking at this list, and conversations around football in general, the wide midfielder (e.g. David Beckham) roles have practically disappeared. There are wingers who are basically forrwards, and there are wingbacks.

      4-4-2 is dead. Spanish and Italian formations have overtaken European football.

      • @Mitthrawnuruodo, You might be right, maybe 4-2-3-1 is the new 4-4-2? Although interestingly enough, both Valencia and Villareal use 4-4-2 in Spain but maybe it’s not exactly the same type of formation it used to be back in the day. Classic number 10 is nearly gone too as is a static, poacher type of no 9.

        • Yes @Mitt and @Enganche, of our current lineup we only have Almada who is a classic #10 and he barely plays. I think his style may also explain why he hasn’t been bought by a big European team. The 2006 has Aimar, Riquelme, and Verón. Plenty of other good ones like D’Allesandro who didn’t make the world cup squad.

          By the way, the other 2006 mid I forgot was Lucho Gonzalez who was another excellent all-arounder.

          So we have:
          . Defensive: Mascherano
          . All-arounder: Cambiasso, Lucho
          . Offensive: Aimar, Riquelme, Verón, Maxi

          . Defensive: Varela, Guido
          . All-arounder: Mac Allister, De Paul, Enzo, Lo Celso, Paredes.
          . Offensive: Almada

  2. Palacios had another great game with assist, three key passes his overall play massively improved , whoscored rated him 8.1 while sofascore rated 9.1 I can save say Palacios one best players in tight spaces

  3. Mac Allister best midfielder on the pitch over lots of other great mids. It’s unbelievable how much he has improved in the past few years.

  4. Alavrez is starting over Doku against Liverpool! MacAllister should be playing more offensively as Endo is also in the starting lineup. Both teams cannot afford to drop points today!

    • Alvarez is not a winger, cannot beat 1 v 1 the defender, he started cause Doku/Grealish were injured. The world best CF and best AM play ahead of him. Thats what it is.

      • Both Doku and Grealish have been poor and Pep wants Alvarez for pressing. Otherwise he should not be playing as left winger. Not his position. He needs to leave City so that he can continue to develop as a striker which is what he is.

      • Alvarez might not be a winger but with KDB back, he can either sit on the bench and play 10mins and get a odd start or play as a winger , which is very capable of.

      • Of course it’s better for him to play and he’s done well this year given being constantly switched around. He should be starting striker somewhere. Probably he can be top 10 in the world at that position. Otherwise he’ll be a permanent utility player like Correa at Atlético who could have has a much better career.

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