Argentina starting XI vs. El Salvador, Nicolás González as left back


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has named his starting XI for the match against El Salvador and Nicolás González starts as left back.

Lionel Scaloni is starting Nicolás González as left back and Nehuen Perez as right back, with Cristian Romero and Nicolás Tagliafico in between. Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernández, Leandro Paredes and Gio Lo Celso start in midfield with Ángel Di María and Lautaro Martinez up front. Here is the starting eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Nehuén Pérez, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Tagliafico, Nicolás González; Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernández, Leandro Paredes, Gio Lo Celso; Ángel Di María and Lautaro Martínez


  1. 😂😂 The El Salvador players must be very tired tonight. Argentina didn’t let the breathe. It was ridiculous. It’s very good to know that this team can function without Messi.

    Lo Celso is very good and doesn’t get the credit he deserves here. When he plays he pulls the strings. Definitely one of my favorite players.

    Garnacho is quite wasteful and isn’t any better than Nico Gonzalez besides being faster. He’s like Di Maria on the days the bad Di Maria shows up.

    It’s good that Scaloni gave game time to Nehuen Perez and Barco. They both impressed me. Hopefully, Benitez and Carboni see some action in the next game.

    • Are you blind? Garnacho created more chances in 30 minutes than Nico Gonzales did in a year.

      Even Saudi league teams won’t inquire about the fraud Nico.

      • Plus Garnacho is 19 with loads of upside. Nico has no place starting any longer. I thought he was great during Copa 2021 but his time is up.

  2. Nice to see ARG playing once again, though not sure if this game against El Salvador served the real purpose as with every respect they proved to be even worst than exepected and obviously ARG had an very easy walk in a park etc…

    The second game against Costa Rica will be for sure much more intresting as this game against El Salvador should had ended for ARG with double figures etc…

    Glad to see Garnacho and Barco, though Buonanotte did not impress, that much even he played Ok game, but did not get involded as much as Garnacho and Barco did, but maybe just because how the flow of the game was set from the very beginning til’ the very end and that makes me wonder how easy it will be to prepare for another match after a game like this or would it perhaps be maybe more difficult to aproach a game against more difficult opponent etc…

    Well, i quess the coaching and AFA knows a way better than me or at least i do hope so etc.

    Still, watching Spain vs Columbia, which was a very mixed game as Spain dominated completly the first half ( nothing unsual about it, though), but did not create in the end, that much as with second half completly the opposite as Columbia fully deserved their victory and made things very difficult for Spain etc…

    Ok Spain played propably with set of players who would not normally start for them, but Still with lot of quality and were so superior in the first half, though not that many clear chances, but the way Columbia played the second half completly shocked i quess not only Spain, but literally everyone else as well so full credits to them as they desrved it as it will be intresting to see how Spain will line up against Brazil at Bernabeu and how Columbia wil, play against Romania at Wanda etc…

    Somehow i don’t rate current Brazilian team still, that good according how they have played in SA WCQ’s so far as Columbia and Uruguay seems to be those for watch out currently, though things can obviously allways change and i’m not counting Brazil completly out yet, but i quess, that the real and only preparations games for ARG and for next Copa will be those with SA WCQ’s ( if there are any to be played before the Copa ) and hopefully so…

    as, Yes Costa Rica will be an upgrade practice game and will serve as practice, but with all my and every respect El Salvador not really serving the purpose at all…

    as instead luckily none of ARG players did not hurt them Self or got badly injured, though the game was also played in very fair manner and the physical aspect of the game was clearly missing as it looked like kind of more an ” Rondo ” practice for ARG,

    but like i said the coaching and AFA knows this matter better, than i do and never Mind against who ARG will be playing as i will continue to watch for sure as allways, when possible etc…with what ever players and against any team from the world and i do understand also, that due economics of AFA etc…politics….etc…wishes of certain opponents will not necessarily allways happen as also the window for theese friendlies are ridicliuosly way too small!

    Looking for to the Costa Rica and whatever following ARG games as allways been and will allways be!

  3. GOOD game, great ball movement and hustle all around, the kid played well and showed that he’s not selfish unlike his idol but I have one unrelated question:
    Did I miss the memo, why do all players scaloni included except for few have the same stupid haircut??? It started with Messi and his 1 million a year barber…..did I miss something?

    • We are looking way better with 4-3-3. The mid was clogged in the middle. Now we have Perez spreading things and more space in the middle.
      Excellent team goal finished by Lo Celso.

      I think Garnacho to takes Nico’s spot from now on.

  4. We’re easily controlling the ball cause ES doesn’t challenge but none of our mids has looked super sharp. Why is Mac Allister not playing?

  5. Very boring match. El Salvador not contesting and we are not inventive.

    Everything down the middle for us. We have no width or trickery. Nico is not in form, di Maria doesn’t want to go wide or dribble, and nothing from the fullbacks. Good match for Valentín Barco or a true #10 like Almada.

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