Rodrigo De Paul: “The most important thing is that Scaloni is here with us”


Rodrigo De Paul spoke about the importance of Lionel Scaloni remaining with the team and Lionel Messi.

De Paul started the match for Argentina in their 3-0 win vs. El Salvador and spoke to the media after the win. Here is what he had to say:

“The most important thing is that Scaloni is here with us to continue forward. We must prepare for the Copa America.

“We were born competing, we always want to win. What is difficult is maintaining this standard, it is not a motivational issue.

“No one guarantees us that we will keep winning but if we push ourselves internally the way we do, we have a lot of chances.”

The World Cup winner also spoke about Lionel Messi and his fitness:

“We hope that Leo (Messi) recovers, he is our captain. He is always present in one way or another. If he is fine, we have the ace of spades.”


  1. 😂😂 The El Salvador players must be very tired tonight. Argentina didn’t let the breathe. It was ridiculous. It’s very good to know that this team can function without Messi.

    For me Lo Celsi is our most important player. I’m surprised many here don’t rate him highly but he creates so much and once he was substituted our level drop just a bit.

    Garnacho is quite wasteful and isn’t any better than Nico Gonzalez besides being faster. He’s like Di Maria on the days the bad Di Maria shows up.

    It’s good that Scaloni gave game time to Nehuen Perez and Barco. They both impressed me. Hopefully, Benitez and Carboni see some action in the next game.

  2. How good was Garnacho? I thought he played superbly I think he secured a place of copa America squad
    Macallister wow so underrated what a player 👏
    Nico gonzalez was disappointed, coaching staff should try him the right side maybe he can play well from that side and cut inside since he is left footer

    • Was very happy to see Garnacho and Di Maria connect. The later almost got his goal of the match. Garnacho, Barco connected fairly well too. They are the future. They need to be bonded. But Garnacho himself missed a seater. He needs to improve. Nico was disapppointing. He has been for almost whole of this season for his club once he was back from his injury. If I remember it correctly, he was poor against both Uruguay and Brazil. Lautaro is increasingly becoming a burden for the team. It seems he only suits one strategy of scoring hoal. Di Marco and others moving down the flank and float the ball into the box for him or Thurram to score. But Scaloni’s style is different from Inzaghi’s. Scaloni would select him for Copa just because he is part of his loved circle. Otherwise, Lautaro seems at a loss both at the club level and the NT level. He has not been scoring in big matches for Inter this year barring one final against Napoli.

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