Ángel Di María, Julián Álvarez and Alejandro Garnacho start for Argentina


Ángel Di María, Julián Álvarez and Alejandro Garnacho all start for Argentina vs. Costa Rica.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has made changes to the team which won 3-0 vs. El Salvador. Ángel Di María starts with Julián Álvarez and Alejandro Garnacho in attack.

Emiliano Martínez is on the bench with Walter Benítez getting his first start for Argentina. The back line is the same one that started the World Cup final.

Enzo Fernández, Gio Lo Celso and Alexis Mac Allister are the three players in front of them. Here is the starting eleven:

Walter Benítez, Nicolás Tagliafico, Nicolás Otamendi, Cristian Romero, Nahuel Molina; Enzo Fernández, Gio Lo Celso, Alexis Mac Allister; Alejandro Garnacho, Julián Álvarez and Ángel Di María


  1. My favorite thing about this team is how we press and try to win the ball back when we lose it. This disrupts the play of the opposition. I’m so glad we finally have a lot of midfield options available. I hope we can discover more wing backs who are as good as Zanetti and Sorin.

  2. •Garnacho > Nico Gonzalez
    •we need Dimaria to play longer than just this summer. STILL ELITE
    •Otamendi will start until Lisandro Martinez is consistently healthy. He may be slower than before but his awareness is STILL world class. (Because of our attacking style with our center backs playing up; all opponents will go over the top of our center defenders to exploit the movement up the field.)
    •Player of the match was Navas. the game would have been 8-0 without him.
    •Benitez had one job to do and failed. He should have punched it outside and not into path of opponent.
    • disappointed in Julian Alvarez’s performance
    • locelso is our 4th best midfielder behind Enzo, DePaul, macallister.

    • bro stop the job of complaining walter has nothing to do with that goal.. in case of reflex saves goalkeeper doesn’t predicts where the ball is going after the save.. its otamendi’s fault that he is not tracking that number 9 properly… the only thing that walter has to work on is his ball catching ability…

  3. V. Cabini showing what he is capable of 🔥 he and nico pazz gonna rule football
    Nico gonzales unprofessional casual walking gonna be trend on football fun videos he deserve that😡

    • Yes, how come he just did not finish his run til’ the end ? As if u don’t play your chances til’ the end, well that’s what u will end up! Pootår Nico indeed😩

    • thats not true..garnacho is a pure raw talent.it’s true that his playing still in united is way different from the national team.. if he moves to madrid he will be benifitted…

  4. Angel Di Maria’s freekick absolutely brilliant !
    A good game, a lot of learning lessons and time to be well prepared, few names have to write off from the team

  5. I don’t understand the Garnacho hate. Of all our problems he is the least. Start with Otamendi, and then Lo Celso who isn’t a good fit with Enzo and MacAllister. And yes MacAllister needs to be further up and Enzo a bit back.
    The other thing that is killing us is Lautaro can’t buy a goal to save his life

  6. what a game by paolo maldini’s heir (otamendi)…still scaloni and co belives that he will be in his prime in the upcoming copa america.. if it would have been spain or gemany they would have scored 2-3 goals by now… no creativity from midfield only sideways passing.. enzo’s game is degrading day by day.. the only thing to cherish about is garnacho’s performance..that kid way way better than nico gonzalez..

  7. Otamendi is done. But he does not even talk about retirement like Angel what a selfish prick. I hate him never liked him he almost cost us the World Cup but he keeps playing. and there is Lo Celso people treat him as if he has the talent of Aimer, Ortega, or Pastore but he is the biggest fraud. Molina has lost form recently it happens there should be a backup. Alvarez and Lautaro need to start scoring we need to start thinking about playing CBs in fullback position because there seems to be a lack of up-and-coming FBs other than Barco

  8. RDP coming out and talking with officials his sprit is missing from the team
    Lo celso trying to be cute looks to dribble 11
    And enzo trying to be a super star shooting at everything 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Otta is slowing for sure we must find a company for cuti
    And ofcs we miss martinez

  9. Garnacho and Enzo’s poor finishing in the final third is hurting us. Otamendi has been the worst of all so far. He is unable to keep up with the young Costa Rican players. However, I am glad that they are putting pressure on us and exposing our weaknesses. MacAllister needs to play closer to the goal, not Enzo. I am looking forward to Scaloni’s tactics in the second half.

  10. I think Gallardo not developing players is going to hurt our youth greatly cause you sure as shit can’t count on Masche other than to teach them how to clean their rooms and learn English

  11. Not getting anything from Otamendi either. The guy is washed. Lisandro needed badly. The midfield isn’t working, and we can’t seem to finish lately

  12. Lo Celso is showing us why no teams want him in Europe. Lmfao!!! He isn’t even a threat to a Costa Rican U23 team.

    Thank God him and Nico were not in 2022 WC squad. We would have exited in group stage if they played.

    Scaloni needs to cut these two frauds asap.

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