Federico Redondo out for two months with an injury


Federico Redondo is out for two months with an injury to his left lateral collateral ligament.

Redondo will be out for eight weeks due to an injury. The 21 year old was with the Argentina U23 team for their two matches against Mexico.


  1. MLS players (except for the GOAT) are totally irrelavent and useless to us. The world champions should never trust any MLS frauds (excpet for the GOAT).

  2. Argentine u 17 is starting a new cycle under Diego Placente. Currently they are taking part in the Montaigu tournament in France.
    They won their first match 5-0 against Saudi and in the second match they were dominated by Ivory Coast and lost 2-3.
    Let’s remember even at the u 17 world we lost both games against African teams. The difference is mostly in Strength and speed rather than in technique.
    Standouts in this group Jeronimo Mattar of Newell’s and Tomás Parmo of Independiente.

  3. The hype arround this guy was immense now it all dipped thanks to a MLS MOVE
    Its very hard to get recognized is MLS, Almada is tok good to ignoe also always scores thats why he gets the hype
    Alen verala on the same hand dipped and when he was is form nobody had a word or cry to put him in the team

    • Well, if he was anywhere close to that hype , at least the tier-B leagues in Europe would have bought him. Even tier-b league scouts were uninterested in him.

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