Gerardo Martino: “Messi was not fit enough for this match”


Gerardo Martino spoke about Lionel Messi missing Inter Miami’s 2-1 loss vs. Monterrey, stating that he was not fit enough.

Lionel Messi was not part of the Inter Miami team for their match in the Concacaf Champions Cup against Monterrey. Messi has missed Inter Miami’s last few matches and both of Argentina’s match last month due to injury.

Osvaldo Godoy of Mundo Albiceleste was present at the match and at Martino’s press conference. Here is what Martino had to say:

“Messi was not fit enough for this match. We will go game after game to see how he feels. We didn’t want to risk him today.”


  1. Messi is now feeling his age.
    Licha Martinez has fallen into an injury soap opera reminiscent to Dybala which is a problem of its own.
    Otamendi is out of pace.
    One of scalonis major challenge will be how to build defense around cuti.
    I am not a coach but I would play three back with a thick midfield of paredes depaul macca Enzo locelso.
    Di maria and Messi in front

    • Add to that – Alvarez has lost his touch. Clearly Foden has grabbed his place in the team. Lautaro is inconsistent at best. So we have loads of troubles in our hand for Copa. Scaloni could predict these and his decision to step aside was right. He came back and chose easy friendlies to remain in winning relevance. He must be a sought after couch by big clubs with strong teams.

      I wish – Licha gets fit by the start of Copa. Messi gets back his fitness. Lautaro gets back his consistency. Alvarez, I believe, would not get back his midas touch until and unless he improves his ball possession skills and scoring accuracy. The chance that he missed against Costa Rica from 6 yards was simply horrible.

      • Um, what are you blabbing about? Do you even watch the games? Alvarez played a 90 minute game yesterday alongside Foden (who had a hattrick). You guys on here are so biased towards Argentina players even when it makes no sense and then when those same players are having a little rough patch you start talking shit about them. I can’t stand the average fan. Jeez!

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