The potential 23 players that Lionel Scaloni has in mind for the Copa America


In a relaxed interview on Thursday on the radio show Paren La Mano, Argentine journalist Gastón Edul talked about the players who have the most chances of being on the Argentine list of 23 for the Copa America.

The Copa America kicks off in 76 days, and in contrast to the 2022 World Cup, Coach Lionel Scaloni will be limited to selecting only 23 players, a reduction from the 26 he took to the World Cup.

According to Edul, there are two certainties and one doubt in the goalkeeper’s position. Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez and Franco Armani would have their spot secured, while Walter Benítez and Gerónimo Rulli would battle for the third spot. Since Benítez played in the last friendly match vs. Costa Rica, he would be Scaloni’s favorite over Rulli as of now.

Regarding the defenders, the following players would go to the Copa America in case they were fit: Cristian “Cuti” Romero, Nicolás Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez, Germán Pezzella, Nicolás Tagliafico and Nahuel Molina. Gonzalo Montiel, Marcos Acuña and Nehuén Pérez might fight for a single spot; it all depends on how many defenders Scaloni wants to have in the squad.

The midfielders that would go to the Copa America are Enzo Fernández, Alexis Mac Allister, Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes and Giovani Lo Celso. Two players who have recently been injured, Guido Rodriguez and Exequiel Palacios, would most likely battle for one spot on the list.

According to Edul’s information, the forwards that would be on the list of 23 are Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez, Julián Álvarez, Ángel Di María, Paulo Dybala and Nicolás González. Alejandro Garnacho and Facundo Buonanotte would fight for the remaining spot.

Although many imponderables can happen from now until the list comes out, these are the names that the Argentine National Team coaching staff would have in mind ahead of the 2024 Copa America in the United States.


  1. Dybala got into some kind of altercation against a French player in a derby game against Lazio and he responded by displaying a picture of the world cup on his shin guard! Roma won the match thanks to a pin point accurate corner assist from Dybala that resulted in header goal.

    • De Rossi has transformed Paredes.

      He still makes that occasional mistake, but he is great at stopping opposition attacks, playing mindgames with opposition players, and bridging defense to offense.

      • Guardiola is very close to turning him into a attacking mid and a winger. He is playing him in multiple positions, sometimes in the same match and this has significantly affected his confidence and deteriorated his clinical scoring abilities.

        • An attacking mid for sure, winger, I don’t see that. He’s like a second striker (9.5 to 10 ish) who plays centrally, but drifts all over and drops deep sometimes. For the purposes of the national team though, we need him to play as a no 9 because we have plenty of options for attacking mid role.

  2. My prediction…23 players for Copa.

    1. Messi
    2. Di Maria
    3. Lautaro
    4. Alvarez
    5. Garnacho
    6. Nico Gonzalez

    1. Enzo Fernandez
    2. Mac Allister
    3. De Paul
    4. Lo Celso
    5. Paredes
    6. Palacios

    1. Romero
    2. Otamendi
    3. Molina
    4. Tagliafico
    5. Acuna
    6. Lisandro Martinez
    7. Pezzella
    8. Perez

    1. Emi
    2. Armani
    3. Benitez

    Notable exclusion:
    Dybala(I Prefer Garnacho and Nico for the sake of team balance)
    Montiel (Not in form.., so Perez, he can play both CB and RB)
    Guido(Prefer Palacios.. if fit, is a great midfielder, can play DM and CM)
    Rulli, Musso (They are out of, Benitez)

    Senesi/Medina has a chance in case any of the above players are injured.

    Let Buonanotte play in olympics.

    • Armani
      Nico Gonzalez
      All are waste of spots….Scaloni scared this time to pick youngsters in replace of them. In last copa he was won the trophy because of courage. At that time he introduced Dibu Romero who were backbone of back line…
      IMO Perez/sensessi/velentini/barco and verela, grancho/carboni should include.

    • Yes, even Haaland did not perfomed well. Alvarez didn’t get the passed; he tried and runs and wave his hands but his team mates forget him. should move to new club. Pep reserve Foden for UCL. Julian will be on the bench. KDB, Jack Grealish, Haaland and Rodry, Bernardo, Foden are the front liner of Man City. Pep must concern on the defense; not strong enough to deal with counter attack.

  3. Palacios if a favourite for scaloni but we have too many attacking midfielder
    Guido wasn’t much in World Cup but what can a defending number 5 do vs Mexico who were parking the bus.

    Plus Guido likely going to Barca or man Utd this summer

    He offers good incase Enzo or parades are injured

    Di Maria (Gonzalez ) Messi (Dybala ) Alvarez (Higuain 2.0)

    Those are 6 so garnacho or bounanotte would be a waste .
    Lisandro Martinez is a liability injury wise. He will get injured
    My squad

    GK – Martinez , Armani , Benitez or Rulli
    Def – molina , Romero , otamendi, taglifico, pezella , acuna , Perez
    Mf – enzo , de Paul , mccallister , paredes, lo celso , Guido , palacios
    Forward – Messi, Di Maria , Alvarez , Martinez , Gonzalez or Dybala

    Is try to take garnacho and bounnanote to Olympics

    • Has Guido had a really good year? Why do you say he will likely go to Barca or Manchester United?

      Your list is good but Gonzalez over Garnacho as our main left wing is nuts at this point.

  4. i Think Scaloni will take 8 defenders … he took 9 for the World Cup… and in this list I cant see Montiel in the selection : Thanks so much for the Penalty but the guy is on the bench of a random club, he failed in Europe …. And Acuna will be there because the team cant go at the Copa only with Tagliafico. Too bad Barco is not ready yet (and not play with Brighton) because he is the futur for 2026.

    The midfield is ok but for sur Palacios, who play in the amazing Xabi Alonso team, will be there. Guido is a interesting profil but honestly his World Cup was trash. Time to move on. For me the futur is Alan Varela from Porto. He is amazing. He broke Arsenal AND Barcelona midfield in Champion’s League. For me he should be there but they will keep him for the Olympics so its ok. But be sure the midfield of 2026 will be Enzo–Valera–MacAllister. It’s a World Class midfield

    For the Fowards no chance Garnacho is not in the team. I appreciate Nico Gonzalez but after a amazing start with the selection 3 years ago he didn’t achieve anything conclusive … Time for Garnacho who is the futur of Di Maria. He need to be in the team and create some link with his teamate.

    my selection

    4-4-2 against defensive team because you need creativity
    —–Lo Celso————-Di Maria

    and a 4-3-3 against Brasil or Uruguay because you need intensity

    —–Alvarez—-Messi—-Di Maria
    ——Mac Allister—De Paul

  5. It will be blunder not to take Garnacho. In WC final after sub dimaria, we disappear on that side. Buonanotte, messi, dimaria, nico Gonzalez all occupy same place on the pitch..

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