Alejandro Garnacho scores twice for Manchester United in 4-3 loss vs. Chelsea


Alejandro Garancho scored twice for Manchester United in their 4-3 loss vs. Chelsea.

Garnacho had two goals for United, his first coming in the first half. With Chelsea leading 2-0, Garnacho intercepted a pass and ran towards goal, scoring into the bottom corner to bring United back into the match.

Manchester United drew level and the Argentine would give them the 3-2 lead. A pass from the outside of the penalty area found the 19 year old and he headed the ball into the back of the goal.

He was substituted out with United leading 3-2 and Chelsea would score two goals late in the match to get the win.


  1. With licha sideline for 1 month.. I think he will play 1 or 2 matches for man United. We need fit licha for copa america. I hope scaloni select garnacho for Copa.

  2. Garnacho is still in progress, and needs to learn read the game; he will be the next Claudio Cannigia. It’s great to have him in the team. Stay humble!

  3. Player review for today’s matches

    If you put his finishing on the side for a minute, he is the engine of the Chelsea team that has been in shambles. His desire to keep moving the ball forward makes him a great progressive passing midfielder. Had he been playing for City or Arsenal, he would be getting a lot more praise. His clever thinking at the end of today’s match is what gave Chelsea the victory against United.

    He was lethal and his first goal was a goal of a class striker. Second goal was a well timed header and as soon as he was subbed, Chelsea had very little to worry about defending their right wing. United posed no threat whatsoever after Garnacho was taken off.

    He seems have learned a lot from Messi’s playmaking. He is the heart of Liverpool’s attack. His ability to control the game makes him easily top 3 midfielder in EPL. Hit the bar with Messi-eske freekick and scored a banger of a winner. Post Messi, he clearly deserves the Argentina’s no 10 shirt.

  4. Happy for Garnacho…today, for me Mac Allister is simply the best performer !
    It’s time Scaloni should focus on youngsters.

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