Claudio Echeverri scores in mixed results for Argentine clubs in Copa Libertadores


Claudio Echeverri scored in what was a mixed set of results for Argentine clubs in the Copa Libertadores.

Echeverri continued to show why he is one of the most promising young players in Argentine football. In match day two of the Copa Libertadores, Echeverri scored from long range to give River Plate the 1-0 lead in a 2-0 win vs. Nacional.

Guido Carrillo and Edwuin Cetre scored for Estudiantes in their 2-1 win against The Strongest. Estudiantes and River Plate were the two Argentine teams with wins this week.

Rosario Central fell 2-1 against Atletico Mineiro and San Lorenzo lost 2-0 against Independiente del Valle. With their loss, Rosario are in third place in Group G behind Atletico Mineiro and tied on three points with Peñarol.

San Lorenzo are tied in last place in Group F with Liverpool, both teams on one point each. Palmeiras and Independiente del Valle are both on four points.

River Plate lead Group H with six points and Estudiantes are in second place, tied for first with Huachipato on four points in Group C, ahead of The Strongest and Gremio.


  1. Leo paredes is playing so good his breaking and passing between the lines is so good

    My midfielder trio for copa will be

    De Paul/ palacios macallister

    • Yes deffenetly very good option indeed with Enzo & Lo Celso Arg’s midfield looks the strongest and defenetly is the key for the success too!

      Also up front i’m not worried about, but defenssive wise there several things which make’ me worried as not really central wise, but both RB and LB positions are bit vulnerable as in my oppinion Tagli might be the best of those name’s currently mentioned as Molina will come second, but somehow i see him not performing like he used to with ATM and hopefully things will be different with ALBICELESTE, but what if both players will get unwanted injuries as for LB Acuna might Still be Ok for the LB role, but what about RB role as are Perez or perhaps LMQ the ARG’s best options currently…as somehow with all my biggest respect i don’t see Montiel in such a good form at all, though things are allways obviously different for allmost every ARG player to perform much better, when they play for ALBICELESTE instead of their current clubs, which is very big + indeed!

      Also i just don”t get Armani and Pezzela call as Musso had a good game with Atalanta against Liverpool and surely Rulli is also better option as Benitez too!

      And Senesi should replace Pezzela or basicly anyone of Medina, Perez , LMQ and Balerdi too are in my oppinion considerable options etc…also players from Argentine Primera if they are ready should be considered…

      And for the LB Ortega from Olympiakos should had been tried at least in recent friendliess as Yes Barco was given chance which was great, but does not look like, that he will get the call….

      As for RB cover i’m most worried about as i can’t think of any name, though surely there must be some perhaps playing in Argentine Primera….


      • Maffeo came back from injury, and he will play against RM.. let see how he performe against vini.. advantage with montiel is his panelty,

    • He is doing great. Much improved under De Rossi.

      But he still makes that occasional egregious mistake like giving the ball away in his own half or a mindless foul that can cost a game.

  2. A good coach has an eye for talent. He has the capacity to study the player and see if he is a good player, who has the potential to become a great player or if a player is a prodigy, who is can make a impact instantly.
    Sadly, Argentina just are not good enough to make this recognition in players. Because, Echeveri is a prodigy, (I would take the risk to also mention Anselmino in this bracket). Scaloni is just not good enough or has the balls to make this kind of calls. He would need European certification to make sure the player is good enough. People would come out to cry he called this player and that player, who turned out to be brilliant. Most of his crucial call ups were by chance or till those players were being talked about much in the media. Enzo was just brilliant at River, but he needed to hear from the Portuguese media after his move to Benfica and make sure of this.
    Pekerfraud did it with a lot of players but most notably with Messi. He only took Messi because he would’ve been crucified otherwise after all the media attention Messi had been gathering at Barca, but sadly that fool did not know how to use Messi to actually go on and win the world cup
    It is very important to make Echeverri to get to gel with players like Messi and Di Maria, while they are still playing and groom him.
    Argentina NT is dying for creativity and Echeverri is a must.

    • ”Scaloni is just not good enough or has the balls to make this kind of calls”

      I’m glad Scaloni has more brains than balls. World champion coach he is.

    • I don’t agree with the criticism of scaloni though I concur with you on lack of creativity post messi di Maria era. However garnacho gives us hope plus lo celso has all the ability to take burden of creativity. Even McAllister first time passing is of top notch.
      Most of the people here used to underrate McAllister except for insider. So most of new fans of McAllister today once hated this player before wc.
      Most of guys here thinks european football will decide the future of our NT.
      Scaloni knows better than us and we trust him.

    • If anything he has been showing too much favor to players playing in or recently moved from Primera División instead of players established in top European League.

      We absolutely do not want second class Argentine League quota players destroying the team like in 2018 with Pavon, Meza, Perez etc.

  3. River and argentina must follow barca and spain strategy they over the years belive “if u are good enf, u r old enf” strategy 👌🏻👌🏻
    Its unbelievable barca given chance to 17year old defender a run even when the attack have mbbape,
    dembele too experienced world class attackers
    This kind of mentality really gives confidence to these young lads
    River can follow the same with their young guns

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